Posted by Inphenix Inc on 05/20/2022

Fabry-Perot Laser (FP Laser) - Inphenix Inc


A Fabry-Perot laser is a type of laser diode abbreviated as FP laser. This is a simple and common type of laser diode where there are two broad-band reflectors at the two ends of the lasing optical cavity. The light bounces back and forth between these two mirrors and forms longitudinal modes or standing waves.

The back reflector generally has high reflectivity, and the front mirror is lower reflectivity. The light then leaks out of the front mirror and forms the output of the laser diode.

FP laser is mostly used for short-distance transmission because of its low data rate. This laser diode works on a low threshold and operating current and also can work in many different operating temperature ranges. It is used in many applications such as optical transmission, data communication and the local optical network.

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