Posted by Inphenix Inc on 02/18/2022

About VCSEL Light Source and Its Structure - Inphenix


VCSELs have progressed from laboratory devices to industrial mass production devices in the last few years. A vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diode (VCSEL) is a semiconductor-based laser diode that emits light or an optical beam vertically from its top surface.

Individual VCSEL emitters are very small, typically around 10 microns in diameter, but most often they are grouped into 2D arrays which collectively generate a much higher output power level.

In a VCSEL, the active layer is sandwiched between two highly reflective mirrors composed of numerous quarter-wavelength thick layers of alternating high and low refractive index semiconductors. The reflectance of these mirrors is usually between 99.4 and 99.9 percent. For this reason, the light oscillates perpendicular to the layers and exits through the top.

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