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Posted 01/13/2021

Scott Turner Consulting

Scott Turner Consulting


Address: 63 Wishing Well Road, Columbia, NJ 07832

Phone: (908) 496-4273 


If in need of expert trucking consultants for legal disputes and other matters, look no further than Scott Turner Consulting. Scott Turner hosts speaking engagements throughout North America where he speaks about crashes and showcases his knowledge as a trucking expert. At these speaking engagements, Scott Turner can discuss truck crashes, cargo-tank truck crashes, and hazmat crashes. Turner is considered the best among trucking experts with his decades of experience in commercial motor vehicle crashes. Scott Turner was a CEO for a crash recovery team and spent a large amount of time in the field, allowing him to witness crashes firsthand and gain invaluable experience. You can trust Scott Turner Consulting to provide the necessary support after a crash.

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