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Posted 05/30/2019

Online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academy

I have the best online Quran Academy We teach online Quran tajweed classes For kids Our Online Quran Academy is a spectacular service teaching online Quran which allows New Muslims and kids entire over the world to learn Quran online with TAJWEED from the comfort of your own Home.

You are just a few clicks away from learning Holy Book from extremely talented, qualified, trained, dedicated Male and female teachers we have. We welcome the whole students interested in learning the Holy Book. The course Online Quran Academy includes NURANI Qaida, Reading Holy Quran (NAZRA), memorizing Holy Quran, Prayers, Translation, DUAs with six KALIMAS. Our Holy Quran tutors are available full time to teach Holy Book (24/7). For a free 3 days trial click here, In Shah Allah, you and your children can start leaning Holy Quran rapidly.

Why should you join our Online Quran Academy?

It's the duty of each and every Muslims to live their life under the laws of the Holy Quran and SUNNAH. If done, the rewards are Huge.

The Holy Quran is the Divine word and within it carries the top secrets of both this Universe and the world of the hereafter. For a Muslim it's compulsory as well as a moral obligation to learn the Holy Quran so that Male or Female is capable of knowing the complete instructions of Allah Almighty and live life accordingly. One has to take some time out of regular life to learn this Holy book (Quran). At here iqraqurancenter.com Our Online Quran Academy cordially welcome you to initiate this very noble deed and see it rewarded in the most excellent way possible with our Online Quran Teacher program. The Program follows:

? An introductory of the course regarding the laws occupied in the reading of Holy Book

? Assistance in Holy Quran translation and recitation

? Lectures on the fundamental principles of Islam and the matters relating to daily life

? Holy Quran Memorization assistance

 Online Quran Academy the best place for children, Holy Quran reciting? The best place to learn the Holy Book is forever the Local Mosque. Because children learn Islam as well as builds bonds with other children. This makes very happy memories and thus help the retention of the Islamic study gained. In our opinion, this is actually far more vital than simply learning. Our aim at Online Quran Academy is to help understand the Practical Islam, that's knowledge which can place into practice.

We believe that we gain Holy Knowledge with the complete intention of doing Action. It's these deeds which Allah Almighty counts. We need the Holy knowledge to ensure we're doing the deeds within the laws of Allah Almighty has given via the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This is the SUNNAT; once we gain the knowledge of the Quran, then we have a duty to pass that Holy Knowledge to many others both via teaching and by instance.

Advantages of Leaning Holy Quran Online:? Time-saving

? Very affordable and convenient

? Worldwide learning

? 100 percent tutor and learner interaction

? Awareness of modern technologies

? Learner-centered class

Do you wish to gain the entire above advantages and rewards? We are one of the best Online Quran Academy service provider. Our online Holy Quran teachers available in multiple languages on a 24/7 basis for Holy Quran reading and reciting to you and your kids. If you wish to learn to read the Holy Book or you are seeking a fine Online Qari for your children, join us for three days trial!

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