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Posted 11/20/2020

Newborn Baby Photography in Bangalore - Little Dimples By Tisha

Newborn Baby Photography in Bangalore - Little Dimples By Tisha

When it comes to Newborn photography in Bangalore, we would like to introduce Little Dimples By Tisha. An ardent photographer Tisha’s amazing baby photoshoots have become the rage for moms. From maternity pictures to baby showers to tiny tots, she has done it all. It is also not easy to find a really skilled New Born photographer in Bangalore. But your search ends with Tisha. She has proven her remarkable capabilities in a variety of ways. She not only delights the parents and the family with her photographic abilities, she herself is totally engrossed in it.  During her sessions she cajoles and plays with the kids so that she can shoot them in the most appealing expressions. Moms love her and so do the babies & kids who seem to be so comfortable with her.

Taking photos of newborns is not as easy as one might think. Newborn Baby Photoshoot in Bangalore is especially difficult because they obviously cannot keep still, and are also asleep a lot of times. They cannot be disturbed lest they start crying. So, much patience is required. One has to wait when the baby will be awake and in a good mood! Soon after a good feed baby will always have a look of being satisfied, relaxed and cheerful - that’s the moment to be captured to get a fabulous newborn portrait.

Props play an important role in newborn photography. Baby needs to be made comfortable. Swaddling them in soft, warm material, soft cushions around them so they feel cosy and comfy, is a sure way a baby will be happy and at peace.  Of course newborns cannot hold their heads up yet, so very special treatment is required here. Positioning them the right way is crucial because you also have to ensure they are comfortable, and more importantly not make the pose look unnatural.

Another important factor is the ambient temperature. It shouldn’t be too cold or too hot. Just right enough for the baby to feel relaxed as if still in the womb! The surrounding light too has to be soft and not harsh. Newborns are not yet used to bright lights. But at the same time, the right light is required. That’s where the technical skill of the photographer is crucial.

Newborn photography in bangalore can be with the baby lying on its back all curled up as babies do, or can even be made to lie on their stomach with hands under the chin. This is a classic baby photo that is always admired as the cutest picture ever! A good newborn baby shoot requires a good investment in time. it can even take a good part of a full day. Only then the pictures will have the appeal and mood that an excellent photographer can bring about

But no matter how much preparation one does, eventually it is the baby who decides the photoshoot goes as planned or not! Baby might not feel at ease, or suddenly start crying for no apparent reason, or just fall asleep. 

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