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Posted 01/13/2020

How Background Checks Help Your Business­

How Background Checks Help Your Business­

Your business is, and should be, one of your highest priorities on a daily basis. Keeping up with the constant demand of supplies, consumers, and employees is hard, yet necessary work. With so much to do it is important to find people you can rely on to work alongside you in all the different aspects of your business. It should come as no surprise that in order to find the right person qualified to help your business should undergo background checks. This will help ensure that you have a stable colleague who you can trust with almost any task.

Reduce Risk

When you are looking for new hires and job applications begin pouring in, you often see a fairly diverse selection of applicants to choose from. Many of these applicants could sometimes be people you generally would never consider under the circumstances. If by notifying prospective applicants that their information will go through a background check, you could dramatically improve your applicant pool. Notifying people that they will go through criminal background checks typically discourage anybody who may have something to hide from applying to your business.


Not only will your applicant pool be of better quality, but those who have applied will also have a greater desire to work at your business. Generally when applicants are willing to go through a background check they are serious about the job and ready to do what it takes to earn your trust. Having a group of people to choose from who have true desire and intent will improve your process of vetting the correct candidate for the job as well.

Reduce Turnover

Your business may have issues with high employee turnover rates. Some employees come and go quickly, either because they had ulterior motives or they were offered a more competitive job somewhere else. Whatever the case may be, having a bad hire could be more of a cost for your business than just keeping someone onboard for the long haul. When losing an employee, the cost of losing that employee typically comes to double the cost of their salary due to the time and energy spent in finding a replacement.


By doing thorough background checks on applicants to your work you will be able to see past employers they have worked with as well as how much time they had spent at those locations. You could use this to your advantage by calling previous employers or looking over dates and reasons for termination in order to see if the applicant had issues or challenges that cause them to leave. Not only will background checks help you see the past history of the applicants, it will also help you decipher whether or not the application was fake or real. Most applicants tell the truth, but it is safer to know ahead of time if they are fake.

The Bottom Line

Due to government regulation, insurance regulation, and customer satisfaction, you may already be required to conduct background checks on applicants and current employees. Consider checking with your local government and insurance agency to see if it is a regulation for your business. Whether or not you are required to do background checks, your business can use the stability that they provide by knowing all prospective and current employees are trustworthy.


When it comes to the business you run, you should feel comfortable with those who work around you. Keeping up with background checks on applicants will help you fill your business with people who you can trust and it could give you peace of mind knowing that nothing negative will happen to your business. You could also see your business become more professional in the eyes of consumers and your brand may become a symbol of security and trust. If you are considering running background checks in your business, be sure to find a professional who can help you along the way. 

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