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Posted 02/06/2019

Free Classified Portal

Free Classified Portal

All individuals has some personalneeds, and personal fulfillment is important for all of us. In factemotions also stipulates whether a persons needs are met or not. Andunmet needs can give rise to anger, sadness or confusion!

Here we are providing you personalservices, Come look through our various PERSONALS categories to makebond with your favorite ones. Even if you want friendship,interconnections, close relationship, matrimonials. You will findmiscellaneous options on our Free Classified Portal, It comprises of multipleservices for the people who never tried the CASUAL DATING, CASUALENCOUNTERS, ADULT DATING and this is for both the male or femalegender, and for the same sexualities as well. We have endlesspossibilities to help  you connecting with the locals whom you arelooking for. 


CASUAL ENCOUNTERS: Heard about it? Itsokay if not! Let me share my experience that how and why I went outinto this journey and let you know about it. Working for so longmakes you busy and stressful and obviously no time for yourself. Buthowever we all have some physical needs in life as it is a part oflife. But unluckily I had no time to fulfill my personal needsbecause of no female friends or of not having time to makerelationships. The problem was that it was not easy to find if youare not hanging out in the parties. Suddenly a thought came in mymind that searching something online can help me. And that day Ibegan looking for the females with the similar interests.  StartedScrolling and browsing makes that easier because I got an endlessoptions on the Free Classified Portal IZYDAISY.COM, It does notrequires any subscription or money. It was free service that tons ofpeople were using. So I decided to give it a try! There was an optionof Casual Encounters in India and found so many women looking forhook ups which makes me happier. So I also sent them  a message withmy picture and a bit about myself , I got instant replies in apositive manner within a days only. I found exactly what I waslooking for as there were number of hot looking women posted ads forhook ups only. And I had a great experience with the girl I came intouch with. 

MATRIMONIAL: Searching for bride or agroom? Find your best match here with us on IZYDAISY.COM

As I was of 33 years old guy belongingto Indian traditional family and was an ambitious person, at the sametime guy who love sports, bikes and technology. I do not know thereason, but I usually stay away from the girls. So relationship, loveand eventually marriage was not my part. 

But here comes a day when my parentsstarted convincing me for the marriage and the day came when I had toget married for my the sake of my family. And my mom knows me verywell, knowing about me that I never had any relationship or any lovelife. They themselves started searching for a bride. After so muchsearching through our family friends and relatives. They still couldnot find any girl as they were expecting. My parents were so tensedjust because I was getting aged and they were thinking that aboutsociety as well. That day I was sitting with one of my office friendwho recently got married and my mother called him for the dinner withhis wife. We all were gossiping and suddenly my mother asked them that how you both gotmarried by the way? And her wife answered that we got married through Free Classified Portal IZYDAISY. We all were notaware about that thing and then my friend explained me all about it.That same day I started searching a bride for me on IZYDAISY andfound a huge list of girls over there. When I told my mom she got soexcited and I showed her a list of pictures and their profiles. Fromthere we chose a girl of my mothers choice and my mom told me to meether. We exchanged our numbers and planned to meet in a nearby coffeeshop. Meanwhile she came and we met, she sat opposite to me we shookhands and she introduced herself. ' first ever touch from girl ' asit was our first meeting but we felt so comfortable. And in the firstmeet we realised that we are made for each other. We ended up meetingand I dropped her at home. When I told my mother she was so happy andwithin a week we decided to meet her family and fixed a marriagedate. We got married within 12 days,  And I am happily married now. 

Search by caste and community of yourown choice! The trusted and fastest growing matchmaking  site. So many marriages happened and many more continue to happenthrough IZYDAISY.COM. You will find regional versions like Punjabi,Hindu, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi and more. Here you will find yourlife partners across the different countries. Helps you to find yourperfect match or a person with in similar interests. Come try with usin finding your better half through Indian Best Classified Portal. 

 FRIENDSHIP:  To meet or make newfriends. Life is interesting and  better with friends. 

 Travel a lot? Have to travel aroundfor work? As me? So had no time to spend with the old friends. And Iwas always keen to find someone to share an evening with. I wouldlike to roam around with newbies in the new city. I wished to roamand track out the new places. Last month I went to Singapore  forsome official work where I had to stay for a week but fortunately Igot free within five days and I was fully free at weekend, So thoughtto chit chat with someone new in the new city as well. Just got anidea to search someone online. There I found Free Classified Portal named IZYDAISY.COM used bylots of people across different parts of the world. And I also posteda bit about myself, my needs on PERSONALS category to find a goodfriend for my companion. It was a great experience, as of I got somany messages and options to make friends over there. That made mehappy and excited  and I replied her and offered for the dinner. I arranged dinner for a beautiful women. We spent good time together,she was fun loving lady with a friendly nature. I felt so good andcomfortable talking to her, there we became good friends but met as astranger.  Also we planned for the weekend party. 

So, I can say if you are new to thecity or want to meet someone new just as you want to, without anydoubt I recommend you to go search on IZYDAISY.COM. It helps you tomeet the right person at anytime, anywhere with no cost.

RELATIONSHIP: Serious about dating?Want a close relationship? Find someone truly suits you! 

Here I would like to talk about myself.I was studying in college and having a relationship with my batchmate, we had 3 years relationship as we were together from last threeyears. After finishing our college he decided to move abroad topursue his masters from Australia. But when he told me that he gotvisa and he is leaving with in a few days It was so sad moment for mebecause I had no idea how will I stay alone without him for 2 years.As long distance relationships never ends with togetherness. The samehappened with me, he went out of country and got busy in his ownworld over there. He did not gave me much time as he was busy withhis new circle and miscommunication leads to Miss understandings andWe broke up badly. It was so hard for me to handle myself cryinglonely. My best friend was helping me out to come out of that badsituation and one day we went for the lunch and she told me to lookaround the world, and said that you have long life to live and enjoy.Let past be the past and live in your present. I also recoveredmyself. But after the bad experience of a relationship I decided notto enter again. The same time my friend told me to shut up and showedme an interesting India's best dating site named IZYDAISY.COM where Ifound a long list of guys looking for a serious relationships. Thatmade me shocked and unbelievable. She told me to try it once. 

So I did  and started scrolling it.What I saw there were smart, hot looking guys looking for girls withthe serious commitments. I also posted my picture with a bit bio andgot instant respond from a guy of 24 years old. He was good lookingand seemed sincere as well. We exchanged our contacts and talked witheach other.  He offered me for the dinner date. I said okay and wewent for the dinner, I clearly remember how he arranged everythingperfectly for our first date. He was the guy who made me see lightafter a really dark break up. I loved spending time with him and webecame more than good friends. We Started meeting daily and with thepassing time we fell in love with each other. Our relationship becamestronger day by day. And its been so long we are still happilytogether. And it all happened just because of IZYDAISY.COM 

Thousands of singles found love throughthem. So if you also looking for the love or companionship , find several Indian Escorts options over there. And There's no needto feel nervous about your age, because singles of all ages caneasily find love. Not to get worry about the races, castes,religions, as all are here on IZYDAISY.COM. So whether you aresearching for the muslim dating, Hindu dating, gay dating or longlasting love with the commitments. We are here for you to help you tofind a relationship as you want.  

MEN SEEKING MEN: Its natural to be samesex attracted. As sexual activity between individuals of same genderis legal. However its all up to you, the man himself can choose hisinterest in his sexual activities. 

We understand every one has his owninterests, so if you are a gentlemen and looking for a smart men around you, come up on IZYDAISY.COM and find your best man over here.Lots of people of similar interests will connect with you, just posta bit about yourself and your requirements. With a single click onour PERSONALS category you will find a huge number of results. 

WOMEN SEEKING WOMEN:  young girls orladies seeking for the same sexuality, can come up here and find yourchoices over here on IZYDAISY.COM.  Whether if you also want to postsomething about yourself so that you can find a girl of similarinterests. We do not cost a single rupee to post an ad to find yourinterests.  

MEN SEEKING WOMEN: It is all about whenyou need one night stands, two some or casual sex. And that you caneasily find here, so do not get worried if you are looking for thehot, beautiful ladies to make you relaxed. Come up find the beautiesaround you or post your own choice on IZYDAISY.COM to get an instant replies. 

So here you can search for all the escort services in India for free of cost with theendless options. And post your own ads with your requirements on IZYDAISY.COM. Here is nothing to lose guys. We understand dating isfun, than why to miss the chance when you are getting it freely.Throw your nervousness and let your life bit interesting.  

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