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Posted 07/06/2019

Artificial Grass Landscape Design Planning

Artificial Grass Landscape Design Planning

Before mounting artificial grass you require to have the right devices for the artificial turf project. It is important to understand what each device's feature is and exactly how it works for your fabricated lawn installment. For many gardening tools you can contact a device rental firm to rent the devices, but most can be found as well as bought or leased from your neighborhood house improvement shops. In most cases power devices can be substituted with hand tools, they may aid make the procedure less complicated as well as a lot more effective. Below is a listing of all the devices suitable to synthetic grass installation.

Design Size:

In order to identify the very best shapes and size design for setting up man-made yard, you need to bear in mind that all the artificial turfs are 15 FEET WIDE as well as approximately 100 ft. long. Artificial turf can be seamed with each other to develop larger sizes. The suggestion is to have the fewest quantities of seams as feasible.

Multiply the locations width as well as size based on 15 foot width rolls. This is just how much grass you will certainly need for your location. Your grass order need to always be 15 foot vast by your established lineal (Size) feet. Please make certain you allow for additional turf for any type of cutting and also seaming. Please make certain that you determine at the very least two times and assess your dimension with an Artificial Turf professional.

Additionally, the turf evaluates regarding one fifty percent extra pound per square foot. To determine the weight of your artificial turf roll; split the complete square video of each roll in fifty percent. As an example 750 sq. ft. separated in half is 375 Pounds. KEEP IN MIND: Artificial Turf comes on a rug roll.


For many boundaries you can use nailer board, bender boards or your creative imagination. Some artificial turf installation professionals have folded up the grass over onto itself but this is not recommended in most cases.

See to it to take note of the boundaries of where the turf will certainly go and also figure out which curbing you will certainly use and what bordering strategies will certainly be used. If you are intending on setting up synthetic grass with any edging, curbing or boundaries, please set up before cutting the grass to get an extra exact dimension.

If there is existing suppressing or bordering make sure that you gauge flawlessly in between the inside area of each of the boundaries.

Some edging or surrounding choices that will boost the look of your synthetic grass setup application are to add a nice frame around the grass: Curbing, decorative rock, mulch as well as travels boards are numerous concepts that will certainly work well.


If your setup of synthetic grass is walking around trees, shrubs, or any kind of energies such as light posts and air conditioning units, you need to note around these locations in order to represent the grass edges. Normally you need to permit a 6 ″ radius area exposed around the bases of any kind of trees, bushes and structures.

CAUTION: Please look for any wells or electric that might be located in job location.

Present Watering:

Inspect your area for irrigation heads. Once determined, make sure to cap them off or have them eliminated.

Turf Instructions:

Since the synthetic grass is directional, you must make note of the fibers directions (grain). Determine which instructions you will roll out your turf as well as just how the turf will certainly be put down and seamed. The majority of man-made lawn installation projects tend to face in the direction of the visitor's perspective. If possible, you have to constantly apply the turf with the fibers of the lawn against the incline of your application area. When you have made your decision on what direction your grass will go ensure to constantly run the fibers parallel. If you do not lay the turf, with the fibers going the exact same direction, the seams of your task will stand out as well as be too noticeable.

Artificial Turf Option:

Now that we have our tools, design, bordering, turf instructions and also frameworks in mind we can start the process of option which lawn you will certainly make use of for mounting artificial yard.

Generally for a residential and commercial application, Artificial Turf recommends a lawn version from 40 ounces to 90 ounces per square backyard of face weight. These synthetic lawns are extremely long lasting; twin thatched and also will certainly create a simple synthetic grass setup. Infill is always advised to boost the appearance, permit the synthetic grass blades to stand up, mimic the feeling of soil, deal with light to rush hour, add added cushioning for an effect zone and increase the general wear of your artificial turf system.

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