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Posted 02/13/2020

Are you also a victim of anxiety disorders and depression?

Are you also a victim of anxiety disorders and depression?

Depression and anxiety disorder are mental illnesses now among one of the most common conditions among individuals. Both are different disorders but are highly related to each other and are usually co-occurring. Many people who suffer Depressive Disorders are likely to have General Anxiety Disorder and similarly many people who suffer through the General Anxiety Disorder may also develop Depressive Disorder as well.



Depression is a mental state that urges the bad mood and sad feelings. It can occur because of a single or multiple series of sad or painful events such as losing someone you were very attached to, losing a job, having a great loss in business and even sometimes watching a sad movie can get you in a state of depression but for a shorter period of time. Depression is a continuous state of mind that can usually last for a couple of weeks or more depending on its severity. The seriousness of depressive disorder directly influences the daily life of suffering. One cannot focus on his work and even cannot perform his role as a parent or spouse and can also affect physical health. 80% of the time, depression and anxiety disorders are treatable but because of lack of seriousness in this matter, many of the sufferings remain untreated and thus later it leads to further serious mental and physical condition. One of the top psychiatrists from New York City, NYsays that “Nearly 5% of adults in the United States struggle with depression that’s so severe it significantly impairs their daily life. But you shouldn’t wait until your depression is that disabling to get help.”. 

According to an article published by NBC New York, obesity, depression, and difficulty in sleeping are at the highest rate in history. These are the problems that can lead to higher disease rates and worse physical and mental conditions. The situation for the New Yorkers is alarming than ever before. The lack of seriousness regarding depression has led to this stage.



Here are some most common symptoms of depression includes:

  • Feeling a lack of energy.
  • Uncertain weight gain or loss
  • Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping
  • Lack of concentration
  • Feeling uneasy
  • Suicidal Thoughts etc.


The first and foremost thing a depressive disorder patient should do is to go and see a psychiatrist. Mainly, the treatment for Anxiety & Depression is through medication but about 35% of the sufferings do not respond to medication for which then they need therapy. So, the treatment is a combination of both mental therapy and medication.


Anxiety Disorders:

When it comes to anxiety, it is just a feeling of worries that makes humans anxious regarding a particular future event or a series of events. It is not only normal but also an essential part of human behavior. We all feel anxious about many things in our lives like job placements, career paths, marriages, etc.

Anxiety disorder comes in when the continuous anxious feelings regarding single or multiple events may cause a great amount of anxiety and fear that it leads to a mental health condition and the reaction of these conditions starts affecting the physical health of the suffering. The continuous feeling of anxiety leads to a disorder called General Anxiety Disorder (GAD). The (GAD) is an excessive feeling of worry and a continuous feeling of anxiety regarding the events occurring in life. If this disorder is not treated on time, it can lead to other severe mental disorders and even cause diseases such as heart disease, high diabetes, and blood pressure and respiratory disorder. This simplifies the severity of the Anxiety disorder, which is usually ignored, and the sufferings remain untreated. According to Medical News Today, about 40 million people in the United States are affected by Anxiety Disorder but only 36.9% of the people receive treatment. More than 63% of the sufferings do not receive treatment. This shows the lack of seriousness regarding a condition that can lead to further devastating conditions. So, this should be stopped at the initial stage.

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