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Posted 12/31/2018

5 Best CBD oil that you can buy today!

5 Best CBD oil that you can buy today!

CBD oil is slowly gaining acceptance in the mainstream thinking. That does not mean that there are people who are not able to separate it from THC, its psychoactive cousin. However, in general, CBD oil products are being seen as a natural alternative for pharmaceutical drugs. This is due to the adverse side-effects that one gets from using these drugs.

Presence of THC in CBD oil

One of the things that have bothered CBD oil products from the beginning is the presence of THC. THC is a cousin of CBD, but due to its psychoactive properties, the federal government has placed a limit on this level. Many cannabis enthusiasts might argue that THC is needed in certain amounts to experience the full effects of CBD. But at the present moment, it is legal to have THC levels above 0.3 % in most states. So, until the legal status of marijuana changes in most states, it is better to buy CBD oil products with THC levels below 0.3 %.

Buying the best CBD oil

Even though CBD oil products are seen as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs does not mean that buy any CBD oil. This is because the quality of different CBD oil products is different. The whole CBD oil industry is not regulated and that is the reason there are many companies selling poor quality CBD oil products. In fact, there are products whose quality is so poor that they are as bad as pharmaceutical drugs. I have fallen victim to these fake companies a few times. So, in order to stop people from falling to such companies, I have prepared a list of companies who sell high-quality CBD oil products. I will also list below the reasons why CBD oil might not be working for you along with tips on how to choose the right dose and the right product.

List of companies that sell best CBD oil products

  • Versnaturals.com

  • Charlotte's web

  • Green Roads

  • Bluebird botanicals

  • PureKana Natural CBD Oil


Versnaturals.com was founded by cannabis advocates who are determined to spread the knowledge on how CBD oil can help both researchers and people in general. This company provides some of the best CBD oil available in the market and they have never compromised on quality nor has the THC level in their products ever exceeded the legal level. The CBD oil products sold by them are fully natural and they do not contain any preservatives or additives. In 2018, they have started selling full spectrum CBD oil products in six different strengths. Also, they have CBD oil products that are suitable for pets as well.


One of the drawbacks of this company is that they sell tinctures alone and they do not have isolates.

Charlotte's web

Charlotte's web is one of the earliest companies to enter the CBD oil industry. The founders started this company more like a mission than as a company. Maybe that is why their products are one of the best in the industry. Also, they offer products ranging from tinctures to creams. You can even find CBD oil products for pets as well. This company is said to have created a hemp plant that provides the highest amount of CBD oil and so far no company has been able to repeat this feat.


The drawbacks with this company are that their delivery is extremely slow and it is hard to contact their customer support team.

Green Roads

Green Roads is one of the pioneering companies in the CBD oil industry. The formula used to create CBD oil products has been designed by pharmacists. That makes their products one of the best in the industry. They also have the widest range of products available in the market and they are constantly developing new CBD oil products. Their place a QR code on the label of their products that can allow you to see the results of third-party lab testing.


Unfortunately, their strong point can also be considered as their drawback. That is the range of products they offer. This can sometimes be overwhelming especially if the person is a first-time buyer.

Bluebird botanicals

Bluebird botanicals” is a highly trusted company. In fact, the products of this company have been awarded “Best Quality CBD oil”. They sell both full spectrum and isolates. Also, they provide shipment to all states. This company is located in Colorado and has the support of the Department of Agriculture of Colorado. It is a part of the department’s pilot hemp program.


A potential drawback for this company is the taste of their products which might be a bit strong and bitter for some of the users.

PureKana Natural CBD Oil

PureKana Natural CBD Oil is one of the few companies that has customers in all parts of the states. This company uses a unique kind of CO2 extraction that makes its products closer to 99 % purity when compared to many other companies. The hemp plants that they use are organic and none of the genetically modified. Their CBD oil products are free from any contamination and this is verified by third-party labs.


The main drawback is that the cost of their high potency oils. These prices tend to on the higher side.

CBD oil does not work for you

Even though CBD oil does not have adverse side-effects, but there is a chance that it does not work of you. There are few reasons for this

Wrong product

You have fallen victim to a false advertisement and bought a product that is not suited for you. This happens quite often and many companies are falsely advertising to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, such companies exist and they are giving the whole CBD oil industry a bad name. These companies are taking advantage of the fact that FDA has not given its approval and that means regulations for CBD oil does not exist.

Not taking the right dosage

Another problem is that you are taking the wrong dosage. Many people forget that it is almost impossible to determine how each body would respond to CBD oil. This is because each body is unique and will react differently when given CBD oil. That is because even though two people may weigh the same, their genetic makeup and medical history are different. So, the dosage that is enough for one person need not be enough for the other. However, this problem is easy to solve. All you have to do is start taking small doses and notice the reaction for a few days. If you still do not feel anything, then increase the dosage slightly and repeat.

Having wrong expectations and deciding too quickly

Many people have unrealistic expectations from CBD oil. Some of them expect as soon as they start taking CBD oil their problems will go away. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. CBD oil does start working from day one but in small measures. These measures are so small that you would be forgiven if you had assumed that nothing is happening. The reason for the unrealistic expectation is that many of these people do not do proper research before they start taking CBD oil.

Trying for the wrong reasons

There are people who believe that since the compound comes from the same plant that produces THC, it should have the same effects. Nothing could be further from the truth. People who are hoping to become high by taking CBD oil are sure to be disappointed. Even though believe CBD oil is not working for them but it is. Just not in the way they expect it to. It is highly unfortunate that these people use CBD oil for the wrong reasons and then start spreading the word that CBD oil does not work.

Medical reasons

CBD oil can help people with certain medical conditions. However, that does not guarantee that it will work for all medical conditions. Seizure is a problem associated with epilepsy, but it is not limited to epilepsy alone. Many people assume that when they experience a seizure, they are suffering from epilepsy. This is a very big mistake. Such decisions should be made by a professional doctor alone. There is no greater mistake than self-diagnosis. Don’t make that mistake.

Choosing the right dosage

One of the most important things that anyone taking CBD oil must do is decide the regimen. Since there is no chart that determines the dosage, you must start by taking small doses. The reason for starting with small doses is to prevent tolerance building. The problem with starting with large doses is that your body gets accustomed to it and you will need to give it in larger amounts to make it work.

Another thing that one must also do is find the correct product. Some people prefer tinctures, while others might prefer vape oil. The thing you should experiment before deciding which product is best for you.

Tips on how to choose the best CBD oil for you

Choosing the best CBD oil for you is never easy by itself, but it is made more difficult thanks to the fraudulent CBD oil companies. There are some tips that make this task a bit easier for you. They cannot guarantee that you can choose among the best, but they can help you avoid the fraudulent companies.

  • Check the source: Many fraudulent companies get their hemp plants from countries like China where things are not regulated. The problems with this approach are that they may grow the plants in soils rich in heavy metals and they may not be grown organically.

  • Check the extraction process: CO2 extraction method is the gold standard, but fraudulent companies do not follow this method. They use methods that are cheaper, but these methods cannot guarantee that CBD oil extract is not contaminated.

  • Third-party lab testing: Reputable companies not only have their products tested for purity and potency but also show the results on their websites.

  • Tall claims: The strategy used by fraudulent companies is that they make tall claims. These claims include their products can cure anything. If you think that a claim made by a company is too good to true then avoid the company.

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