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Posted by on 06/12/2018

Yaseen Alkamas And His Roles And Responsibilities

Dr. Alkamas is the one who is working amazingly well for the group and that is why we can easily see day to day progress of the group as well as the group is setting amazing benchmarks all the time.

Dr. Yaseen Alkamas is the COO of the group who is a Britain-educated engineer and a prominent business professional in the UAE. He has acquired various responsibilities of the group from planning and development to execution and overseeing A-Z matters, which is not an easy task at all.

Dr. Yaseen Alkamas is always prepared for everything, whether it is all about the timely and accurate preparation of meetings or to execute a plan or anything else. Dr. Yaseen is the best when it comes to developing the board’s meeting agendas so that he can discuss everything with the board members and let them know the success plan. He never takes his duty carelessly and ensures to work in the best possible manner for confirmed success and that is why during the meetings, he’s the manager of the minutes and note down everything for proper planning.

There are various other responsibilities he performs, including- making decisions, developing great proposals, press release and correspondence and various others, which set him apart from others.

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