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Why You Should Consider Taking Online Quran Classes

Why You Should Consider Taking Online Quran Classes


Years ago, it was considered that the only acceptable way of learning and studying the Quran was through face to face tutoring with your teacher. Our ancestors did it that way, and if they have been able to successfully pass down their knowledge to us from century to century, why should we deviate from it now? However, the world is not like it was years ago and as the world evolves, we must also evolve with it.

Today, thanks to computer technologies, people from all over the world, regardless of their location can learn Quran without having to be physically close to the teacher. Online education of the Quran is an innovative concept and now, anyone, adult or child, can learn to read Quran online. In this article, we are going to go over the perks of taking online Quran classes in USA or anywhere at all in the world.

Why do you need to learn the Quran?

Before we delve into the perks of learning the Quran via an online platform, it is important to first of all understand why you need to learn the Quran. The Quran is the Holy Scripture of Muslims which holds theanswers to every question life may throw at you. It provides us with instructions that serve as a life guide, from the day we are born up till the very moment we draw our last breath here on Earth. This Holy Book was given to us by Almighty Allah so that we can learn about our religious obligations and responsibilities as good Muslims. By learning Quran, we can memorize its verses and understand its meanings.

Humans have many false beliefs about the Creator and the Quran was sent to liberate us from the corrupting illusions of such false beliefs. Quran was given to amend our faith and guide us back to the path of our one true Creator as well as to reveal to people the purpose of their lives here on earth and where they will be after death. This is exactly why it is necessary to study the Noble Quran all through your lifetime.

What are the perks of taking online Quran classes?

As an adult, from between juggling the responsibilities of work and family, finding the time for Islamic lessons may be quite the challenge. While kids may not be saddled with the responsibilities of family and work, if their parents are unable to sign them up for Quran classes, then they may also grow up with no understanding of their religious obligations and responsibilities as Muslims. In the words of Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) “There are two blessings that a lot of people lose: health and free time for doing good.” 

Thus, if as a Muslim you are not committed to learning the Holy Quran, you, by your inactions, are neglecting what is perhaps your most crucial religious obligations.

Alhamdulillah, there is an efficient solution to this issue. Thanks to advances in technology, there are now online Quran education platforms where you can take lessons to learn Quran online for adults and for kids. With online learning, you can take Quran lessons whenever and wherever it is suitable for you. Online Quran classes in USA utilize the latest technology and software in addition to the most recent techniques of the teachings of Quran. Online Quran education is an ideal method for learning the Islamic religion and its fundamental lessons in the light of Hadith, Sunnah and Al Quran. There are several other advantages of taking online Quran classes and below are some of those undeniable perks.

  • You can learn Quran online from the comfort of your home. You do not have to worry about the expenses of getting around or travelling to your learning centre to receive lessons. It is also available 24/7, so provided you have internet connection, you can learn to read Quran online at your owntime.
  • Adults and kids can take online Quran classes in USA as there is no geographical restrictions as with physical classes. Basically, online learning allows for a flexible schedule and timetable so you can take Quran classes from anywhere in the world, even without having to leave the safety and convenience of your home.
  • With online Quran classes, you have more control over how you can learn the Quran. You have the freedom to choose the pace at which any Quran course will be taught to ensure that you have fully mastered a topic before your teacher can proceed to the next topic on the syllabus.
  • One of the many challenges people face when it comes to learning Quran is finding the appropriate time to learn in their often busy schedules. In physical lesson, the classes are often fixed and you may be unable to reschedule missed classes. Alhamdulillah, in online Quran classes, you are allowed to choose your own timing according to your daily schedule such that you can receive lectures when you are ready and available. Online students also have the choice to begin their online class whenever the timing is suitable for their schedule.
  • Online Quran lessons usually come with different courses and packages for learners at different levels. This way, you can easily choose the courses you want to learn depending on your level.Whether you have never read a single verse of the Holy Quran and you are looking to start learning it from the scratch or you are well versed in the Holy Book and you just want to take the advanced courses, you will find a multitude of online Quran classes fitting for learners of every level and age.
  • The certified Hafiz-e-Quran tutors online have a deep knowledge of Tarteel and Tajweed to share with learners. The tutors online are often more competent, better qualified and experienced than the offline Quran teachers. This is because these online teachers often have a wealth of experience in dealing with several cultures, languages and dialects as they tend to teach people from more diverse backgrounds than in physical classes.
  • In online classes, students have the option of learning one-on-one with the tutor on an individual basis or in a group with other online learners. Hence, you are allowed to choose a learning method that would allow for better assimilation of information. Also, students that choose to learn in groups can meet other students from various backgrounds and cultures to share their experiences. This diversity may not be enjoyed in physical classes where the students are often from around the local community.

What do you need to learn Quran online?

If you want to learn to read Quran online, before you enroll for online classes, there are certain things you will need for your Quran learning journey. Below, we have rounded up the most important things you must have to successfully take and complete your Quran courses online.

  • A personal computer or smartphone

The most important thing here is that you have an internet accessible device, be it a PC, tablet or your smartphone. This device is what will connect you to the online platform where you will receive your lessons. Thus, ensure you have a functioning desktop, laptop or smartphone before you register for any online Quran course.

  • Broadband web connection

Internet connectivity is a vital element needed to work online. But beyond having internet access, you should ensure that the connectivity is fast and is not likely to be interrupted. At least for the period of time you expect to be online for your Quran lessons.

  • Computer accessories

The computer accessories here basically refer to headphones, microphone and webcam. While these accessories may not be as important as the first two, they will help to improve the learning experience for you to ensure you grab as much of the teachings as possible.

What courses are taught in online Quran lessons?

There are a number of Quran coursesavailable online for people who want to learn Quran and Islam. The common ones are;

  • Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida is a beginner course for people who want to learn the basics of Quran. The scope of the course covers the identification of Arabic alphabets, words and pronunciation. At the completion of this course, you should be able recognize and read the texts in holy Quran.

  • Naziratul Quran - Reading Quran With Rules ofTajweed

Every Muslim has to know how to read Quran as they need to recite verses from the Holy Book when they pray. However, beyond knowing how to read Quran, it is imperative to know how to read it properly, using the correct pronunciation. This course is designed to teach non-Arabic speakers how to read and understand the true message and teachings of the Holy Quran. In this course, you will learn about the rules of reading Quran, known as “Rules of Tajweed,” to ensure that your reading is as close as possible to that of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

  • Tahfeezul Quran - Quran memorization

This course is designed for people who want to learn and memorize the sacred text. At the end of this course, the learners show be able to memorize the Quran by heart. Quran memorization is especially recommended for kids so that they can have a clear perception and better understanding of Quran and the Islamic religion from an early age. Nonetheless, people of all ages can still take it.

  • Ijazahcourse

The Ijazah program is for Muslimswho are interested in having Ijazahto enable them learn to recite Quran properly and teach it to other learners as well. At the successful completion of this course, which is demonstrated by the student's ability to memorize the entire Quran while applying the rules of Tajweed and recite it to the Imam by heart perfectly, the student will be awarded the Ijazah certification.


As a Muslim, you have a moral obligation to learn the true message and teachings of Quran. If you are unable to enroll for physical Quran classes, then we highly recommend taking online Quran lessons which have become increasingly popular in the Muslim communities, among Muslim brothers and sisters of all ages as well as the non-Muslims folks who might be interested in the teachings of Islam. We can not understand the messages of Almighty Allah to choose the right path between good and evil except we learn the Holy Book. Quran is a gift of God sent to us from the heavens and for the sake of your salvation, you must not neglect Quran. So take advantage of online Quran classes today and begin the noble and glorious act of learning Quran. Rahimakallah!

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