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Posted by ACP Panel - Envitect on 06/23/2021

Why Use ACP panels for Cladding Exterior Surfaces of Buildings

Cladding the exterior surfaces is extremely vital not because of aesthetic reasons but to safeguard them from extreme weather, moisture, and corrosion. Let’s say you want to give your building’s exterior surfaces a more elegant yet classic look and are in search of the best cladding material

Choosing the right material for cladding is as necessary as cladding the surfaces itself. Currently, the trendiest option available is Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP panel). So, let’s see why you should use ACP panels for cladding your building’s exteriors.


How ACP panel is Better Than Other Cladding Materials?


ACP panel cladding is better in many ways than other ordinary cladding materials. For instance, ACP sheets can better withstand extreme weathers such as strong winds and monsoon. ACP panel strength is able to take the extreme pressure and stresses and may not get damaged. You can easily replace ACP sheets few years later to give refreshing look again. ACP sheet non corrosive property is one of the best reason to choose them as your cladding material.

ACP panels provide better aesthetics and glam up the exterior surfaces. The cherry on top is that they are available in fire resistance grade, which is highly unlikely in foam cladding. So, we can say that ACP panels arean economical and safest option to choose.


Why Use ACP for Cladding Exterior Surfaces of Buildings?


Aluminum Composite Panel also known as Alco Panel is at the helm of cladding materials used for exterior as well interior surfaces. Not only it is better than other cladding material but also offer several benefits over paints too. Here’re a few reasons why you should use them.

1. Easy and Quick Installation

While this advantage is more helpful for fabricators installing ACP sheets, still, it is an advantage to consider. Thanks to their pre-defined sizes, Alco panels are easy and quick to fix on the exterior surfaces. You can also request your specialized sizes and thickness for ACP for your exterior facades from Envitect. Their easy and quick installation makes them the ideal solution.

2. Effortless to Maintain

As we have talked earlier, other cladding materials get damaged thus making them not so easy to maintain. Also, only using paints is not a good choice as they easily fade over time and accumulate dust. ACP sheets are better suited against any wear and tear and don’t pose such fading problem. Moreover, the dust is easy to clean with a cloth or can be washed off with water. All this makes ACP effortless to maintain.

3. Cost-Effective Material

The first thing anyone looks for is the cost-effectiveness of the product before buying. Cost-effectiveness is simply nothing but what value a product offers compared to its price. ACP offers value for money. They come at low prices and offer high value like easy installation, effortless maintenance, FR grade, durability, and many others.

4. The Safest Material for Cladding

Aluminum is a non-combustible material, which makes ACP safe to use for building susceptible to fire. Envitect offers FR grade Alco panels that prove to be a fireproof and safe option for cladding exterior surfaces. Moreover, these sheets are environment friendly as they do not release toxic gases or fumes in case a fire breaks out.

5. Offer Enhanced Durability

Durability is the foremost factor that makes ACP sheets the best choice for cladding exterior surfaces. As mentioned, cladding material like foam can’t sustain against extreme weather conditions. And Alco panel easily outshinesthem in this regard. Envitect’s 4MM Diamond and 4MM Pearl grade ACP sheets are highly durable ones. They offer quite a good stain resistance and are also sun and water resistant. Thus, you won’t have to change them even after so many yearsof use unless you want to upgrade to a new design.



In the end, we want to say that your search for better cladding material to use on external surfaces ends with Aluminium Composite Panels. Apart from exterior surfaces, ACP sheets are also good to usein interior surfaces, false ceilings, signage display, etc.


Among the all ACP sheet manufacturers in India, Envitect ACP sheets are the best and offer all of the above qualities making them a great-fit for cladding exterior surfaces. Want special size & thickness? Contact us to request your specific needs.

Here you can find our more reference post: https://acpsheetsmanufacturing.blogspot.com/2021/06/why-use-acp-panels-for-cladding.html

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