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Posted by Car Cover World on 10/16/2020

Why Custom Car Covers are Best

Why Custom Car Covers are Best

It is an admitted fact that not all of us are blessed with the garage, shade, or barnyard where we can park our cars when we aren’t using it. Even though it is totally fine but if you are going to park your vehicle outside too often then car covers should be your top priority when it comes to secure your vehicle from several elements that can damage the exterior as well as the interior. While it is true that you can find a wide range of outdoor car covers online that are much cheaper and can do the job there is something special about the custom-fit car covers. You can get the car customer fit indoor car covers and outdoor car covers by spending a little extra than normal. It would be a worthy investment and here is why.

It Will Not Damage Paint

Most of the universal car covers are designed with a generic measurement. If your car is close to that fit then generic car covers will work well. But most of the universal outdoor car covers will stay loose on the car’s body and being too loose will make the cover rub against the body of the car when the wind will blow and this will cause the clear coat wearing down and if there is dirt then it will cause scratches. On the other hand, the custom car covers will never wiggle when the wind blows especially when you hook it down.

It Fits Around Proportions

The generic outdoor car covers are not fully fit according to the body of the vehicle as they can cause bulges such as a round mirror, shark fin antenna, and blower. You will need to scratch the cover that will leave the space between the body and elements. The Custom outdoor and indoor car covers will already have the space for the mirrors or fins and it will fit around the edges without leaving any space.

Easy to Attach

Another major feature of the custom outdoor car covers is that unlike universal fit they snuggle around the car’s body. They will easily fit around the body comfortably that you will not have to call the other one to cover your vehicle because of the snug fit. Universal car covers often pop out when it is stretched which makes it hard to cover the vehicle which is not the case with the universal fit.

Just The Right Fit

Custom-fit outdoor car covers are designed according to the body of the vehicle. It means that' there won't be any space left between the body of the vehicle and cover. The fabric material of the custom indoor car covers is often comfortable and high in quality that even keep the paint job of the vehicle secure for longer that will result in a good looking car for longer.

All you need is a good quality custom fit car cover for your vehicle and make your car look shiny way longer than expected. Visit Car Cover World for more information. 

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