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Posted by on 05/23/2020

Why Are More Muslims Embracing Learn Quran Online During The Lockdown?

The sudden hit of the Coronavirus and the stay at home order in almost every country of the world has seen the educational system come to a grounding halt. This impact has not left out the millions of Muslims who look to their Masjids and Quran classes to learn the Quran.


Although this seems like a pressing problem, more Muslims are embracing learn Quran online with Tajweed to perfect their Quran knowledge and polish their Islam. Muslims learn Quran online was never a problem, especially for Muslims in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


Are you looking for a reliable foundation to get started with on your Quran and Islamic knowledge? Do you need a more comfortable and calming place to finally learn the Quran online with Tajweed? Then look no further than www.learnquran.online for all your Islamic courses.


The Sudden Shift to Learn Quran Online 

The Coronavirus pandemic has infected over 3 million people today, while the little we know is that the virus is spread by droplets and close gatherings. We cannot forget that almost 1.5 billion children of all ages have been out of the classroom since the spread. The education system, including how Muslims study has also been affected, and as schools result to online learning, Muslim kids are not left out. 

Researchers suggest that partaking in learn Quran online has improved tremendously as kids are less distracted and have not homework or chores to keep them away from learning the Quran.


For parents, if you have always wanted to enroll in Learn Quran online for kids, there is no better time to register with www.learnquran.online than at the moment. This will allow you to polish up on your Quran knowledge, monitor your kids, and partake in their Islamic grooming.


This shift although sudden is not for Muslims used to studying online for various reasons. The average Muslim in Australia, the US, the UK, and Canada is so occupied with work, school, and extra curriculum activities on a normal day. This means there is no room for the Quran or a free opportunity to study it.


The lockdown has changed all that. In the bid for parents to keep their wards excited and engaged, most have gotten smart devices for them. This has, in turn, opened the door to learn Quran online in restricted areas.

Despite the improvement and successes associated with learn Quran online during the pandemic, it does come with some challenges.


 How learn Quran online has risen to cater for Muslim students?

In a bid to see that Muslims across the globe are in the know about the pandemic and how to protect themselves, online Quran schools have revamped or added a message or two about the pandemic.

Furthermore, each lesson starts and ends with how safe the students are, how they are coping in the lockdown, and the impact of the Quran as the lockdown persists. Learn Quran Online has given many Muslims a reliable and solid platform to ease the tension and stress of been cooped up at home.

They have also increased the number of tutors and are even offering extra classes at odd hours to the many Muslims willing to learn in various countries across the world.


Challenges associated with the pandemic and Learn Quran Online

For many, the most common challenge faced was the lack of a quiet place to learn the Quran. Most Muslim households are family packed. That means a nuclear and extended family leaving as one family unit. This more than doubles the distraction, disturbance, and lack of concentration.

These large congregations are part of the teachings of the prophet Muhammad that encourages Muslims to establish strong family ties and be kind to one another. It is especially difficult to practice the rules set forth by the pandemic.


How have Muslims overcome such challenges?

Families have enrolled more than one family member on Learn Quran online to get everyone to participate in the class. Secondly, some classes are held together, where the family learns the Quran together.

This limits distraction and interruptions by parents and guardians. Furthermore, Muslims get to enjoy that feel associated with learning the Quran as intended.

For Muslims in Australia, the US, the UK, and Canada with tighter lockdown restrictions, it has not only strengthened family bonds but increased how the Quran is taught and understood by the family.


Why Muslims should register with www.learnquran.online today?

What would you be doing with your time that could be more productive than reading the Quran? Allah SWT has said that for everyone who reads the Quran, he/she gets a reward for every ayah he recites.

Secondly, learn Quran online is a better way to communicate with your God. Even more so during the pandemic, is a time to seek forgiveness and mercy from Allah.

Learn Quran online teaches with Tajweed for all age groups, this is to ensure that the requirement for reading the Quran is met by the tutor and student.


Do not be dismayed at the circumstance; fortify yourself with the teachings of the Quran today by registering with www.learnquran.online. Invite a friend to join you on this journey.


Who is this program for?

For every Muslim in the world, this is the time to embrace the teachings of the Quran. To all our brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, and Australia do not relent on strengthening the pillars of your faith.

www.learnquran.online will help you achieve your dream and obligation as a Muslim through its online Quran classes and professionally certified Islamic tutors.


Al Tirmidhi reported the prophet said, “Whoever follows the path in seeking knowledge, Allah will make it easy for him the path to paradise.”


Finally, as Ramadan takes place during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Quran is the only book that will help you make sense of the spread, destruction, and understand of the lockdown with faith.


What are you waiting for, register today?


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