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What To Expect From An Online Quran Class

 It was revealed in the Holy Quran 96:1, the Almighty Allah said:“Read in the name of your Lord Who has created (all things)”. As the very first verse to be revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (SAW), it has been indicated that this religion is one of knowledge. Learning and reading the Quran, the greatest miracle of the Almighty Allah, is therefore mandated upon us all.

In this digital age, we can find and learn almost everything online. The Quran is not an exception as we can also get capable tutors to teach us the Quran no matter where we are in the world.

Requirements of an online Quran tutor

The tutor who is supposed to teach this class online would need to possess some minimum requirements which make him fit for the job. These requirements include

  • Having a degree in Arabic or Islamic studies.
  • Be a well-trainedteacher and communicator.
  • Being proficient in a variety of languages including English and Arabic.
  • Being a Hafiz (memorizer of the entire Quran) from a reputable institution.

Asides from these minimum requirements, the tutor should also be knowledgeablein hadith, wise sayings and in the area of “fiqh” (creed).

Courses taken in an online Quran class 

The online classis usually more diverse than the typical Quran class. With the requirements of the online Quran teacher listed above, you can expect the classes to be significantly more engaging and beneficial. The different courses that you can expect from a renowned online Quran class like https://www.learnquran.online/ include

  • Learning basic tajweed

Basic tajweed encompasses the introductory lesson to the Quran; learning how to pronounce the Arabic letters. Among the Arabic letters are some throat letters, bold letters, etc. Some letters also seem similar but have different pronunciations- exchanging one sound for the other in a recitation would potentially alter its meaning. In essence, Arabic is a beautiful language but has been termed one of the most difficult languages to learn because of its many rules and pronunciations. Learning the basic tajweed is very important and the first step to being able to properly read the Quran. This aspect is available for both children and adults as it is possible for some adults to also need to start from the basics.

  • Reading the Noorani Qaida

The Qaida is aseries of books compiled byMoolvi Noor Muhammad Ludhyanviand includes the Noorani Qaida which is specifically made to help children when learning the Quran.It focuses on the Arabic letters, how to join them and also gives an introduction on how to read the Quran. The Noorani Qaida also contains the last juz (section) of the Quran. This juz has the shortest and easiest to readsurat(chapters) so it acts as the ideal step to start, before transitioning toreading the Quran.

  • Reading the Quran with tajweed

With the knowledge of the basic tajweed and reading the Noorani Qaida, the basic steps to learning the Quran is done. The next phase would be to learn to read the Quran with tajweed. Learning to read the Quran with tajweed is the best and most acceptable way and is encouraged for everyone. There has been a general decline in the usage of the proper tajweeddue to Arabs mixing with foreigners so only a very well trained online Quran teacher may be able to provide this service.

  • Learning the ten qirat

For the recitation of the Quran, there are ten accepted qirat(recitation styles). Because the Quran was revealed at a time and in a place where there was a lot of difference in accents and dialects, different styles of reciting the Quran were accepted then. These 10 accepted qirat were named after their primary narrators and any and all of them can be learned.

  • Getting an ijazah

An ijazah is a certificate usually given to indicate authorization by a higher authority of the ability to transmit Islamic knowledge. This certificate can only be given by one who is a scholar in that field. Through this online course, it is very possible to get an ijazah by completing a course in the field you want.After learning a course and being very knowledgeable in it, the teacher or school, which is authorized to teach that course can then authorize this person.

  • Memorization of the Holy Quran

Those who completely memorize the Quran are known as Hafiz and this is usually the end goal of most Muslims with learning the Quran. This can be achieved through an online Quran class too.

Benefits of an online Quran class 

Earlier in this piece, we might have already mentioned some benefits of learning the Quran online such as the availability of more courses and fulfilling the almighty’s injunction. However, these are not the only benefits attainable and others are

  • Flexibility

This is usually the biggest reason why most people would go for an online class. As a working-class, busy student or an elderly person, going for a physical class may prove to be too tedious.With online classes, you can pick a particular time that you are sure would be favorable for you. You can always work with youronline tutor to fix a convenient time, day and duration for your classes and download any other study material which you could peruse at your leisure hours. Generally,  you are in control here and can make the most out of your limited time.

  • Self-paced

Whether you are learning the basics or you are already at the memorizing stage, you can work by your own schedule to achieve your goal within a set period. Working closely with your online Quran teacher, it is possible to make a schedule on how fast you can possibly progress and work towards that goal. This may not be so easy with a physical class as it may not be possible to get the attention or work one-on-one with your tutor.

  • Time and money-saving

Not having to drive out or catch the bus to and from a class is a great advantage of an online class. You get to save time, gas and effort. All you need to start your class in a day is your willingness anda stable internet connection.

  • Availability

It is understood that due to the growing population of Muslims now, there areofficially more non-Arab Muslims than their Arab counterparts -85% to 15% ratio to be precise. Therefore, there is a potential gap and distance between those who have learned and know the proper Quran recitation and, those who want to know. The new Muslim reverts are mostly found in developed nations such as the United States of America, the united kingdom, Australia and Canada. For these new reverts, trying to read the Quran wouldn’t be easy and they may not get any readily available and adequate Quran teachers in their immediate environment. Therefore, getting a certified online Quran teacher might just be the solution to this problem.

  • Avoiding stigmatization

For most Muslims in countries where Islam is not a popularly practiced religion, they may have a problem with practicing their religion freely due to stigmatization. This would also affect their ability to go out for Quran classes. The best solution in this situation is to opt for a private online class thatcannot be observed or scrutinized by outsiders.

  • Choiceof tutor

Most people are more comfortable with tutors of their gender or race (due to language concerns). In the typical physical class, these problems may not be solved due to a limited number of available tutors, etc. However, with an online class, there is a wider variety of tutors and even female online Quran tutors for the sisters. Having your own choice of tutor would make you more comfortable and ensures you would progress faster than in an uncomfortable situation without the ability to choose a tutor or make such important decisions.

  • Interactive lessons

The main complaint people might want to bring up about the online class is that it may feel automated and not real. However, this is false as having your class with your tutor would usually be in real-time and as such is as interactive as the normal physical class. It is also possible to have some downloadable lessons but any clarification needed from that can be brought to the tutor during the agreed interactive lesson period.

  • Learning the Quran with the family

This is one of the more important benefits to gain from learning the Quran. We have agreed that learning the Quran is highly rewarding and should be encouraged. This reward can be enormous when we learn it with family. This might not be possible with a physical class due to the varying schedule of members of the family. But with an online class, the interactive session can be had late at night while the other downloadable lessons can be learned throughout the day. Learning together would also improve the relationship of the members of the family and give them an opportunity to do something beneficial together.

Online Quran class for kids

It is always advisable for children to startlearning how to read the Quran early, in fact as early as 5 years of age. At this age, their brain is sufficiently developed to understand and even startmemorizing the Quran. An online Quran class would beadequatefora child to learn Quran for the reasons stated below


  • Interesting lessons

The teachers of the online Quran class usually learn about other aspects of Islam in addition to their Arabic and Quran studies. Therefore, they can always impact other forms of knowledge on the child in the course of the Quran lessons. On that note,an online Quran class is ideal for an impressionable person like a child, who would not have previous knowledge on such topics.

  • Easily monitored

The digital age has brought up many advantages to the life of everyone but it also has some fears and concerns around its usage, especially for children. In addition, one can not be too careful with his/her child. With these points, it is always preferable to monitor or even participate in your child'sclass as much as possible. Proper participation from the parent or caregiver wouldensure peace of mind and also that the child is being taught properly. The online Quran class for kids can provide this opportunity easily. The parent can be directly involved in the class or ensure the class is recorded to go through at a later time.

  • Staying motivated

In this day and age, most children are known to enjoy digital experiences more thanhaving to experience themphysically.Therefore, to attain the best from such a child in terms of learning the Quran, the best option would be to make the lessons as interesting as possible. An online Quran class would provide thisand more, keeping the child as engaged as necessary.

  • Build communication skills

When a child has an online Quran class, it usually comprises of one-on-one lessons and he would usually have to communicate with his tutor. This would certainly improve his communication skills and ensure his normal speech development, among other things. This may not be achieved with a physical class due to the sheer number of fellow students and the inability to get a one-on-one with his teacher.

Online Quran class for adults

Even though it has been stated that it is best for children to learn the Quran, there is still no age that cannot dutifully seek knowledge. In this regard, adults and the elderly are also encouraged to take the opportunity and gain as much as possible while at it.



Summarily, the prophet ( SAW) said that “the best among you are those who learn the Quran andteach it”. This has placed an enormous importance on learning the Quran and potentially teaching it. Learning through an online platform like https://www.learnquran.online/affords the opportunity for the whole family to learn properly while gaining immense rewards. May Allah (SWT) guide all our affairs and help us stay on the right path always. Ameen.

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