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Posted by ACP Panel - Envitect on 06/23/2021

What Things You Must Consider Before Buying ACP Sheets for Your Home or Commercial Project

Do you plan to uplift your home or commercial spaces? Choosing the right match is important to create a good first impression of your home or office’s exterior & interior surfaces. One way to elevate that is to use Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP panels) for exterior as well interior surfaces like facades, cladding, partitions, false ceilings, modular kitchen,etc.

ACP Panels are designed to give your home and commercial space an elegant look, which other cladding materials fail at. They are indeed an outstanding way to elevate the look and make your interior & exterior decoration even more glamourous. 

But when it comes to choosing ACP sheets, you need to consider a few things. Things like material used, the grade of ACP sheets, texture, area of installation, etc. are crucial aspects for selecting ACP sheets if your project is established in metropolitan cities of India.

So, without further ado, let’s get to know what things you must consider before buying ACP sheets for your home or commercial project.



Things to Consider Before Buying ACP Sheets


1. Product Grade & Dimension


Product grade and dimensions of the ACP sheets are essential when it comes to selecting the right match for your needs. They are available in a wide variety of grades and dimensions which you can select based on where you want to install them.

Envitect offers four types of ACP sheets based on their grade: 4MM Diamond, 4MM Pearl, 3MM Platinum, and 3MM Gold. In addition to them, we also offer FR grade ACP sheets best suited for scenarios where fire accidentsare more likely than other building types. The 4MM ones are more suitable for exterior facades & surfaces whereas the 3MM ones are mostly best suited for interior applications. So, you must select one as per your need & place of application.

The standard dimensions of our ACP sheet are 1220MM×2440MM, 1220MM×3050MM, and 1220MM×3660MM with a ±2.00 to 4.00MM tolerance in width and length respectively. We also enable you to request special size and thickness for your project.

2. Textures of ACP Sheets


Another important aspect you must consider is the texture ofthe acp sheet thatyou want to install to make your exterior and interior decoration more aesthetic and appealing. The textures and finish of your ACP sheet help you to create a good first impression of your building. And the best thing is that they come in a variety of textures to select from.

Envitect boasts of 45+ different ACP sheet textures that help you give a more glamorous look to your building. We incorporate Solid Finish, Metallic Finish, Wood Finish, Marble Finish, Sparkle & High Gloss Finish, and Brush Finish. All these come in various color options for you to select your favorite one.

3. Area of Application


The next thing you must consider before buying an ACP sheet is an area of application where you want to install them. It is vital to figure out where in your home or commercial project you want ACP sheets to be placed. Because your area of application will help you determine the thickness of the ACP sheet you should purchase.

Envitect’s versatile and robust ACP sheets are best fit to clad exterior surfaces of residential, commercial, educational, shopping malls, hotels, cinema halls, and other such buildings. Even you can use ACP sheets for interior surfaces like wall cladding, kitchen cabinets, false ceilings, or any other place that needs a makeover.

4. Fire Resistance


Many ACP sheets come with the fire-resistant feature to not allow fire breakout to affect your building & its surfaces. In FR grade ACP sheets, a core layer of the mineral is inserted between two Aluminium layers. Envitect also manufactures the FR grade ACP sheet.

The FR grade ACP sheet of Envitect comes with a mineral core layer that helps to decrease the intensity of fire & minimize its spread. Moreover, it ensures low smoke emission which is non-toxic for humans and helps escape people safely. The robust FR grade sheets from Envitect also do not blur vision, do not melt into flaming droplets, and do not release excessive heat in case of fire breakouts. They are the safest and most reliable Alco panels available in the market.

5. Easily Customizable


The ACP sheet you select for your home or commercial project should also have some customization level to it to mold it in the desired shape. Our ACP sheets have easy customization & superior routing properties that allow them to bend in shapes like concave and convex or in a diamond dome, etc.


Summing Up


In a nutshell, these were the things that you must consider before buying ACP sheets for your home or commercial project. Look for the product grade & dimension, what is the best-suited textures, figure out the area of application, easy customization, and fire resistance are the most important aspects.

Leading ACP sheet Manufacturer in India, Envitect offers the most reliable, elegant, and safest ACP sheet for all building types. To request broacher sample Contact us.

Source: What Things You Must Consider Before Buying ACP Sheets for Your Home or Commercial Project


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