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Posted by Pure Bliss Moon Healer on 06/02/2021

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual counseling is becoming increasingly popular with the development of the personality development and life counseling industries. True spiritual counseling can reach all religions and enable people to maintain their current beliefs, beliefs and practices. Cultivating as a spirit must not injure or weaken belief in God or a higher power.

In a materialistic society that seems lost and looking for meaning and purpose, spiritual counseling is primarily focused on increasing the value and meaning of our spirituality and finding a healthy perspective as a spiritual being. After September 11 and the collapse of the global economy, it is important for each of us to find that perspective and open the door to understanding who we really are, why we are here, and our true purpose and mission to find life. .

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Spiritual counseling does not necessarily lead to abandoning the desire for financial or business success. Besides that; When we find our true purpose, success becomes easier and more complete. In addition, those who find true meaning and spiritual balance often return to help others improve their lives and their potential for true success and happiness.

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Helping others is a shared desire and goal of social people who represent most of the people in this world. But being stuck in the day-to-day business of living, working, starting a family, and engaging in many other mundane activities, he easily gets lost and seems to struggle with the 7 billion people in the world. But when we help others, we find our greatest happiness and success.

Through the words and deeds of Buddha, Christ, Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, John Locke, Voltaire, Thomas Jefferson, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., L. Ron Hubbard, and many other spiritual lights of humanity, we have learned that humans are the spark that gives us spiritual growth and personal freedom. We may not be as famous or influential as this glorified light, but we are still important and influential in our family and social life. We matter and we make a difference, even if it's just one person or another group.

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