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Posted by New York Car Broker on 07/17/2018

What Happens If You Choose the Wrong Tires

Tires and rims provide safety, driving comfort, so it is important to choose them properly. Be sure to read the car deals manual before buying new wheels and tires. Any car vendor always mentions the allowed parameters of wheels and disks. This concerns lease cars too.

It is important to stick to the factory recommendations. Otherwise, inappropriate tires and wheels will degrade your suspension faster and worsen the ride qualities of the car. This will lead to a higher fuel consumption, difficult handling and a raised chance for accidents.

Understand the marking of wheels and tires. The seat diameter of the rubber should match the diameter of the wheel. In the owner’s manual, an index of permissible speed and intensity are described - these figures should absolutely correspond to the technical characteristics of the car. The width of the tire profile and the width of the rim should be in a certain ratio. Choose a wheel disk so that the width of the rim is about seventy to seventy-five percent of the width of the tire.

How does the wrong choice of the tires and wheels affect the chassis of the car?

In addition, it is necessary to choose the exact radius of the wheel. In the case when the hub is drowned, it will be minus, if the hub will stick to the external component of the disc, the indicator will be positive, and when the hub is located in the middle of the disk, it will be zero.

Stick to the advice of vehicle manufacturer, since the outreach is designed to avoid the fast wear the wheel bearings, other components of the suspension. The fact is that the slightest deviation from the norm will lead to a soon wear of the suspension parts. You will notice that the stability and controllability of the car is lost.

Also, attention should be paid to the selection of fasteners. For example, by purchasing standard drive models for a car, you can avoid such difficulties. However, by changing pressed discs to light alloy wheels, there may not be enough length of the fastening studs, and you will need to take a new set of fasteners.

It is also important that car tires and rims are combined. Accordingly, if you use the standard sizes recommended by the manufacturer or used as the basic ones, you can avoid unnecessary problems. When standard tires and disks are installed, the maximum matching of running characteristics is provided to the calculations made by factory engineers, and this ensures a balanced behavior of the car, its handling, dynamics, braking, comfort, and other indicators.

The choice of the tires is a very responsible part of car care. A careless approach is not a way to do things here, so take it seriously and follow the vendor’s instructions.

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