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Posted by on 06/08/2021

What Gets My Goat!

When I step into a small business for the first time, usually a whole host of burning questions come to mind and I am often compelled to speak them out loud. To use a recent popular term "shock and awe" has the effect of waking most owners out of their slumber. And this perhaps is the biggest culprit of mediocre performance - that most owners are lacking of any purpose or leadership skills.

For instance, what good is it to see an owner of a business behave like just another staff member?

Owning a business comes with a set of obligations, not least of which is the idea that for any business to be successful, the owner must first be able to lead. This is not as tough as it seems. There is a saying that if you bother to make a decision (any decision) there is an 80% chance that it will come off. That means that more times than not you will surprise yourself as to how right you are! These are better odds than at the casino, and yet many do not fear taking a punt there.

Sharp and clearly defined decisions are the hallmark of leaders. No one really knows the outcome - that would mean that you have a crystal ball. And I don't know too many who have one of those (although working with banks I sometimes felt I had two) The main thing is to give it a go with gusto. Fake it if you must. Who will countermand you when you prove to be so confident and look so right? Remember, 80% odds in your favour.

Leadership means shaking hands with a firm grip. It means looking your customers. your staff, and everyone else straight in the eye. It means picking up the decibel level in your voice, and making your comments staccato like (eg. J.F.K. inaugural address). It means stop dragging your heels and ambling about - quick march with dignity and pride. Dress well, not slovenly. Show determination not a 'stunned deer in the headlights' look!

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