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Posted by Car Leasing Queens on 03/01/2019

What Are the Basics of an Auto Lease That I Should Probably Know?

What Are the Basics of an Auto Lease That I Should Probably Know?

Auto leasing can be a complicated and intimidating experience if you are left in the wrong hands. That’s where Car Leasing Queens comes in – we are, simply put, the best in the business at guiding our customers, both old and new, through the process of getting simply the best deals on the market. We remember what it is like to be rookies to the auto leasing scene, and this awareness is what allows us to offer exemplary customer service to you, whether this is your first lease ever, or your tenth. Our customer service professionals are able to help and service everybody, and we refuse to quit until we have gotten the best auto deals on the market. A lease is an agreement that allows a lender, like Car Leasing Queens, to provide a car to a customer for a set period of time. Ordinarily, the customer places an upfront payment to start the lease, and then is responsible for making payments on a monthly basis for a pre-agreed amount of time, usually spanning everywhere from one year to three. At the end of this agreement, customers can then return the car to the leasing service, start a new lease, or even purchase the car for a negotiated price. These are the basics of auto leasing, and while certain situations can always arise that change the terms, these are the basics that tend to be the same from agreement to agreement. We would love to discuss these possibilities in much more depth than is possible on a web site, so give us a call today at 347-732-2203 and let’s start the conversation on getting you behind the wheel of the dream car that you have always imagined – right here in Queens, NY!

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