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The Role Of Parents In Choosing A Good Quran Classes For Kids

The Quran is the exact words of Allah SWT. Hence an honor for every Muslim, whether young or old.; in fact, for Muslim parents, it is a blessing equal to a spot in Jannah to teach their kids to love the Quran by finding the right online Quran teachers that will guide them to all they need to know. 

The act of loving the Quran is not limited to reading or memorizing the ayah and Surahs alone, it is much deeper than that. For kids, installing the passion to love the Quran allows them to recite the Book that is the backbone of Islam.

Furthermore, kids have a better comprehension and retention ability than adults in understanding what is been taught hence show interest in the Book – Al Quran Kareem.

Online classes for kids are great, but for a parent, some steps should be taken when ensuring that the right online Quran teachers are sorted out for your kid(s).


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Choosing the Right Online Quran Teachers for your kids

Now that we have gotten the choice of school out of the way, picking out the best online Quran tutor is paramount to how well and better your kids will learn the Quran.

The biggest challenge any Muslim parent encounter when picking the perfect start for their kids is teaching the Arabic language. We pay emphasis on the language because Muslim children outside the Arabian Peninsula don’t know anything in Arabic.

So when trying to build up the Islam in your kids ensure that the online Quran classes for kids have online Quran tutors that are vast in the language of Arabic but not just any Arabic, the Arabic of the Quran.

While online Quran classes have helped millions of Muslim parents train their children in the way of Islam and in reading the Quran, there are several criteria that every parent must and should consider before any online class begins.

The Science of Tajweed

Reciting the Quran without Tajweed is like reading a French Poem in Chinese; it doesn’t make sense. You may ask why your kids should start with Tajweed as a beginner; Tajweed is how the Quran was revealed. It is the way it should be read and hence taught with the Quran.

After all, as Muslims are to abide by the teachings and instruction of the Quran and Hadith; Tajweed happens to be an instruction from Allah SWT and the Prophet Muhammad SAW respectively.

So, when you have picked the teacher, book an appointment with the said online Quran tutor and have them recite a surah or a couple of verses of the Quran. If you as a parent are vast in the Tajweed of the Quran, you should know if they are correctly reciting it or get someone who understands the Quran to listen in on the tutor’s recitation.

Also, ask them for a full background of the teacher and how long they have been partaking in online Quran teaching and if possible some contact of other clients he/she has worked with before your kid(s).

Teaching Skills

Okay, this is what the majority of Muslim parents miss when picking out a tutor; asking about their teaching background. However, it is not just the teaching background that is essential, their Quran/online tutor skills with kids are crucial.

As a parent, you should be specific of what you want from your online Quran tutor; don’t ever use the reputation of the Online Quran School to judge every teacher in an online Quran school.

Furthermore, outline all the topics you want your child to learn and ask the tutor if they have taught similar subjects and how they fair with other kids. 

Other qualities parents should note are

  • How good are they with kids?
  • How patient, caring, and calm they are with kids?
  • Their personality and how they manage to tutor kids

Most online Quran classes for kids have a trial period when a new parent or student registers with them. This allows the guardian or parent to access the online Quran tutor, and how they handle the child, tutor, and interact. Basically, it is an overall assessment for your personal reviewing.

Moral Uprightness

While there is no correct way to measure a personal moral character, especially where your kids are concerned; it is essential to take every aspect into consideration.  However, when determining the moral uprightness of an online teacher you should check how they manage their Islamic life and how they relate with the kids.

For example, did the teacher say the Salaam before the class? Did they say the du’a before and after each online Quran class with the kids?

When it is time for prayers, do they go for prayers or postpone until later? Do they use foul language or lose their cool when they are angry when a kid doesn’t pick up a lesson on time.

With all these questions, one may feel overwhelming but with so many atrocities happening around us and online, a parent can’t subject their children to such situation especially when the aim is a religious obligation ordained by Allah SWT.

Choice of Online Quran Tutor

Although some parents don’t really care who tutors their kids, some do worry about choosing the same gender for their kids. 

So for parents with female kids, choosing a female Quran teacher online will make teaching the Quran easier as they can interact and be more open and learn the Quran more effectively.

What can parents do to make their children love and learn the Quran?

There is always the forceful way, but we have to realize with so many kids that grew up outside their places of origin, there are better ways to help your child love and learn the Quran.

Encourage and be consistent

Suratul  Ar-Ra’d 13:28

Allah SWT says – “Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah; for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do all hearts find satisfaction.”

From the above verse, it is very clear that those who believe will remember Allah and what better way than through the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Regardless of the age of your kids, the best way to make the Quran less of a burden is by consistently encouraging them. Don’t force it; let it be fun, and something they want to look forward too.

By praising them about the little they are doing and not snapping when they make a mistake, your kids will eventually develop that remembrance of wanting to be in the presence of Allah through the Quran.

Furthermore, verbally or show emotions when they do well or reward them with a favorite treat after all the Quran is a healing miracle to all believers.

Pray for them continuously

The Quran clearly states those that read the Holy Book will be protected from the fires of Hell.

Prayers are the weapons of a believer, as Muslims, we believe in Kadir, which is nothing happen without the knowledge or permission of Allah. However, it doesn’t relegate the fact that Shaitan goes around looking for people to go against the words of Allah.


Surah Tahrim 66:6

Allah SWT says. “O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from the Fire whose fuel is people and stone over which are angels harsh and severe ……..”

So as parents, you must ensure that you continually pray for our children that live in a foreign land will not make then forget their creator and the Quran.

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Repeat the day’s class with them before bedtime


Suratul Sad 38 29

Allah Says; “This is a blessed Book which WE have revealed to you O Muhammad; that they might reflect upon its verse and that those of understanding would be reminded”

The ayah has thoroughly explained the sub-heading. Try to sit down with your kids and revisit the verses they learned. It is also a way for you (the parent) to also catch up with your Quran verses.

Furthermore, if you understand the Arabic language with such clarity, tell them whatthe verse means and how it can be implemented in their lives. Remember, don’t overwhelm your kids with too much talk but allow them to grow into it.

Finally, the Quran is the book that we should imbibe in our daily life while living as an adult can be busy with a tight schedule; the ability to teach our kids the Quran from a tender age will make them grow up with the remembrance of Allah every day of their life.

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