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The Importance Of Understanding And Learning The Quran

The Importance Of Understanding And Learning The Quran

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Quran 17:88

Say: “if the mankind and the jinn were together to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another”. [Suratul Al Israa 17:88]

The Holy Quran is the foundation of the religion Islam; it is the difference between what makes you a practicing Muslim and a Muslim by name. The Quran is the word of Allah SWT and a book that contains the knowledge of all the various aspect of life in totality.

This book is not to be compared, neither can it be replicated for whatever reason, it can t be replicated. And a direct dare is the verse above that the Quran is such a complete book and guide, that even if the jinn were to collaborate with human, they would still not make a book like it.

We need the Quran as our guide to be able to live a good and holy life. For Muslims in the Middle East or major Islamic or Sharia occupied territories, Islam and the Quran is a way of life.

However, as we make our way out of the darkness of ignorance towards the light of holiness, the Quran is the way to go. And there is no better way than to learn how to read the Quran, and even easier, learn Quran online.

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Muslims in the Western World

The Muslim community is expanding to all areas and corners of the world which is a good thing, but as movement shifts from the center, the interest in reading the Quran and the lifestyle of the Muslim gradually deteriorates.

Furthermore, the Muslim propaganda has not given Muslims in Western territories like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia a good platform for them to practice Islam or read the Quran to enhance the Muslim in them or understand how to defend themselves against the stereotype that is associated with being a Muslim.

If you leave in any of the above-mentioned countries, then listen up, TarteeleQuran is bringing the best of the Quran to you with proper Tajweed to allow you fully comprehend the Quran and implement it in your life.

Countries that were once Christiansdominatedare now seeing an influx of people from Islamic states into these regions. This has changed the religious landscape.

In 2106, the Muslim population grew by almost 1% from 1.7% in Australia and the population of Muslims in the UK is about 4.1 million. These two countries (or a continent and a country) have more influx of Muslims because they are more accommodating and less hostile towards immigrants from Muslim countries.

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Importance of Learning the Quran

The Quran is a book that must be recited daily, in fact during the five daily prayers, in the Month of Ramadan and in between. While the aim is to properly comprehend and recite with proper tones and clarity, finding a good Quran teacher with the right qualification to teach you the basics is key.

Although the marketplace is full of Islamic stores and CDs, mobile apps and others for Muslims to stay in touch with their Islamic side, it doesn’t quite equate to reading the Quran or been taught by a real person.

Despite listening and watching reciting the Quran on this medium has not made understand the Quran or reciting it any easier.

So what does it take to understand the Quran?

Before we immersed ourselves into answering the question above, let’s try to analyze the obstacles Muslims in Western territories face.

The Language Barrier

Although many claims that you can fully understand the Quran without understanding Arabic, it is, however, paramount to know that this Book, is to be read the same way is was revealed and taught to the prophet Muhammad SAW.

SuratulBaqarah 2:21

“Those unto whom WE have given the Scripture, who read it with the right reading, those believe in it. And whoso disbelieve in it, those are they who are the loser”.

It should be recited right, the proper way which is in Arabic with the proper Tajweed.

All Muslims must also read it well, you can’t claim to be a Muslim without the proper understanding of how to properly pronounce and recite the Quran.

Although some Muslims away from home still understand and speak Arabic, those born outside in foreign lands suffer from lack of understanding of the language of Arabic or how to start when it comes to understanding the Quran,

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The Wrong Ideology

When Islam mixes with modernization, the results are usually a lack of understanding or a gross misconception of what the religion is all about. While Islam is modernization, attempting to understand it through the eyes of the 21st century is not the way to go.

With that said, many Muslims believe that by believing in the pillars of Islam, it is good enough for them to secure a spot in JannatulFirdaus in the hereafter.

Sorry to burst your bubble, without a full understanding of the importance of the Quran and how it affects your life, even the Hereafter will be like an illusion to you.

Saheeh Al Jaami reported Imam Ahmad narrating from Abdullah Ibn Amr (AS) that the Prophet Muhammad (May the Blessings and Peace of Allah be upon him), said. “Fasting and the Quran will intercede for a person on theday of Resurrection, Fasting will say: O Lord, I kept him from food and desires during the day; let me intercede for him. And the Quran will say: I kept him from sleeping during the night, let me intercede for him. And they will be allowed to intercede.”

So that is how important learning how to read the Quran is to a Muslim regardless of where they are in the world.

Another ideology is that of the so-called liberal and secular Muslims who think they can leave a perfect Muslim life without the guidance of the Quran.

SuratulNahl – 16: 64

And we have not revealed to you the Book [O Muhammad], except for you to make clear to them that wherein they have differed and as guidance and mercy for a people who believe.”

Although the verse looks restricting and sort of limiting your freedom; the question is what is freedom when you have lost the essence of it? The Quran is the freedom to live a life that Allah SWT has designated for you. And the Quran is the way of life a complete way of life.

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Sticking to Olden Days Tutors

This is perhaps the biggest obstacle to learning/understanding the Quran from people who didn’t grow up in Islamized societies. These tutors have a strict mentality that Islam is based on past histories and find it rather difficult to build Islam and the Quran around modern-day activities and mentality. They, however, fail to follow the Quranic verse that states

SuratulFussilat 41:53

In time we shall make them fully understand our message [through what they perceive] in the most utmost horizon and within themselves so that it will become clear unto them that this (revelation) is indeed the truth.

It is clear, despite your belief and understanding, the Quran is capable of making anyone with an open mind understand regardless of their belief.

Taking Shortcuts

Unlike other things in life where the human desire to take shortcuts to achieve it; the Quran is not a book that is read with haste. The reader must employ the proper Tajweed technique and recitation methods to truly understand the Quran.

With all these obstacles, it is no wonder why ignorance is deep-seated among young Muslims who see the Quran as just another book.

So is there any hope to install the habit of reading the Quran and foster community of Muslims who want to learn the importance of the Quran as applied to their lives.

To understand the Quran, we have to learn it. The Book is from Allah, his words, his laws, and his guide. Without proper understanding, one gets worse at being a Muslim which is not what a Muslim should be.

Understanding the Quran

How much are you willing to sacrifice for your religion? How much time do you have to dedicate your time to learn the Quran online or offline?

In addition to seeking a better understanding of the Quran, it is important to know that, acquiring the knowledge embedded in the Quran is a must for all Muslim.

SuratulNisaa 4:82

“Will they not try to understand his Quran………..”

Suratul Ibrahim 41: 1

“Allah has revealed this Book so that humanity can come out of the depth of darkness into the shining light of guidance.”

So while we can t all seek the knowledge of the Quran on our own, we can either depend on our limited knowledge or of those that are Hafiz in the Quran like the tutors on

Reading with the Tajweed

The Quran is not just another book or a collection of words; it is treasure more valuable than life itself. To truly get the essence, Tajweed is important; there is no better way to feel the meaning of the words as the Prophet felt them when Jibril AS taught him.

Learning Tajweed online is a popular course where Muslims around the world can gain better recital knowledge of the Quran.

Getting registered in the Right Quran Academy

We have gone past the days of leaving our homes to a mosque or to the house of an Islamic cleric to teach us the Quran. These days, online Quran classes and course are helping Muslims across the globe are becoming better Muslims.

However, choosing an online Quran academy is paramount to learning or understanding the Quran. When you have chosen TarteeleQuran, feel free to browse through their website for online Quran coursed that suit what you are looking for or aiming at.

Now that we have gotten past the obstacles and device meaningful ways to learn the Quran, let us put it in prayers that we will start today so that the truth can change our lives as we strive to become better Muslims.

How to learn the Quran with Ease

Wisdom is only for Allah to grant to whomever He Pleases.”

While having a basic understanding of Arabic is a great idea when learning to understand the Quran, it shouldn’t be a stumbling block for those that don’t understand the language.

Some ways to understand the Quran faster in addition to the above suggestions are

  • Get a modern transliteration and translation of the Quran that truly imitates the Arabic version
  • Never read a verse incomplete. Read the complete verse over and over again until you can understand it
  • Read at your own pace even if you are registered at an online Quran class
  • Avoid translation that attempts to proffer another word for the original, there are no substitutes for the words of the Quran
  • Register with an online Tafseer course to boost your understanding
  • Patience is the Key – the Quran is not a Book for the impatient kind. Furthermore, learn to repeat the verses a couple of times more before you move to another verse.
  • Try to understand the narrative behind the verse for a better understanding of the Quran as you read it

Quran 54:17 says

“We have made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember.”

In addition to the above verse, TarteeleQuran is inviting every Muslim in the US, Australia, UK and Canada to our online Quran services to keep you enlightened with the light of the Quran.

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