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Posted by Auto Lease Long Island on 03/01/2019

The Essentials of Leasing an Automobile

The Essentials of Leasing an Automobile

The basic premise of auto leasing is a simple one: rather than outright buying a vehicle (new or used), you select the vehicle that you want to lease, a term of lease that’s acceptable to you, and then pay a predetermined rate each month on the leased vehicle. While for some, the idea that one never “owns” the vehicle is a downside, it can work in the opposite direction as well: one is never left with an outdated, unsellable albatross of a car. Once the term of your lease is up, you can enter a new car lease with another late-model vehicle, meaning that you’ll always be driving something modern and exciting! Always driving a recently-manufactured automobile has another advantage associated with it, which is that the vehicle in question is likely to be free of defects and more reliable than a long-used vehicle which, even if maintained well, is likely to have the wear and tear associated with age and be subject to mechanical failures. If it sounds like car leasing is the right strategy for you, call 516-450-3154 today to find out more about leasing from Long Island Auto Lease!

The Benefits of A Car Lease from Auto Lease Long Island

Other leasing agents rely on an inventory or a “fleet” of cars which they own outright, and from which the prospective customer is expected to choose. While this is all well and good if the auto lease you want happens to be part of the leasing agent’s inventory, more often than not you’ll have to either settle for something somewhat lesser than you had wanted, or conversely be “upsold” into a more expensive vehicle. Additionally, leasing companies that have to maintain physical inventory must by necessity specialize in a limited number of representative manufacturers, which further limits the customer’s choice. This limitation on selection and availability is why Auto Lease Long Island entirely eschews the physical inventory, relying instead upon its tight, long-standing relationships with automobile dealers throughout New York! Any vehicle in stock at any of our partnered dealerships can be leased to you, and this means that virtually any manufacturer, make and model is represented in our inventory! If you want to find out more about what vehicles we can offer you, call 516-450-3154 or visit our inventory pages today!

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