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Posted by Continental Computers Inc. on 06/27/2019

Software for Funeral Industry

Software for Funeral Industry

Funeral Home Software allows owners and managers to schedule funerals and communicate with customers. Funeral home operators can use the software solution to manage schedules, resources and custom services. The software often provides a portal through which customers request services and give details about the deceased. This platform provides tools to store information regarding funeral services and the deceased. They help users to create a database for previous services and plan for future services. Many come equipped with the tools to purchase flowers, photos, and other custom components for services. Some include tools for funeral registry also. Many funeral software are capable of generating reports, accounting processes or database management tools.

To qualify for the funeral home software category, a product must have the capability to:

  • Schedule funerals and other memorial services.

  • Manage inventory, Resources, and Customer data.

  • Assist users and customers to plan specific aspects of memorial services.

Funeral Home Management Software has been developed to offer the funeral management profession the most comprehensive administration software package currently available. It is written in the very latest powerful Windows programming language enabling the user to manage every aspect of a funeral easily and integrate into the system. The software has been researched over a period of time in association with the leading stakeholders to ensure exactly what is needed for the management of each funeral easily as well as professionally.

Features of Funeral Management Software: This software has been designed to take care of all the administrative paperwork associated with funeral ensuring your services are the most professional services offered to your customer. As much of the system as possible is been automated using new and powerful Windows programming techniques. Easy options have been incorporated like tick boxes to select various options. After production of all the billing and invoicing functions, the program will fully integrate it with leading accounting software programs.

Details Recorded in Funeral Management Services: The software holds all the details of the applicant, next of kin or solicitor and the deceased. Details of the service and committal are compiled from databases held by churches, ministers and cemeteries and transport them to the software system. Full details of the service, including hymns, are retained, production of death notices and all transport details that may be required are maintained also. The family tree, costing grid and all print options are then displayed. A major aspect of the system is also the Donation section,  enabling donations which are to be recorded and then delivered to a variety of chosen charities.

In the funeral industry, technology plays a major role. It has now become ubiquitous in most people’s everyday lives and the way they do business with new and improved technology has paved the way for new expectations from consumers. Successful funeral homes and crematories need to embrace these changes and adapt accordingly for new technologies. Technology should be added to your funeral home which directly or indirectly impacts the families preparing for funeral services. The challenge for an owner or operator is to know when to make technology optional and when it is required.

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