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Posted by Car Cover World on 01/10/2021

Selecting the Best Car Covers

Selecting the Best Car Covers

Finding the best car covers is something that is often considered overwhelming for the new compers but sometimes, it is the old users that may find it hard to get the best car covers for their vehicles because of the availability of the hundreds of the car covers that makes it hard to choose the best indoor or outdoor car covers. Is it that hard? You may ask and yes or no the answer could be because of not having enough knowledge about them. So when you are about to buy the car covers either the outdoor or outdoor car covers then you must know what will suit your needs and here is how you can decide.


Sun/ UV / Heat Protection


They are the most common threat to your car’s exterior. If your goal is to keep your car secure from the blistering heat, UV and sun rays then you should look for a car cover made of Sunbrella material. This is a material that is dyed with acrylic material is proven to be UV-resistant naturally and very durable. So it will never break down even when the heat of the sun will damage your car. The Sunbrella car covers are also good when it comes to water repellency as well making the Sunbrella car covers all in one car cover types.


Protection from Snow & Ice

ANother worst enemy of the car’s paint job is the snow. In the frosting season, you will need to have the car covers that are more likely to secure its body from snow forming because scrapping it off from the body will result in damaging the paint. Opting for a lightweight or light material car cover for snowy weather will result in car covers frozen its body. However, outdoor car covers that feature weather shield protection in their built are the best way to get your car in good condition even at stormy weather. Some outdoor car covers are specifically designed to secure your vehicle in the snow. They are the car covers that offer material that will not let the snow formed under the cover and will be easy to remove when required.


Protection from Rain


When you are in an area where you have to face too much rain then you must look for the car covers that offer good protection from rainy weather and feature multiple layers. Good indoor or outdoor car covers will come with the “rainproof” features 3-5 layers to create the water-resistance and any other material with rain such as falling debris. The reason behind the working of these car cover types is their manufacturing that is done with the encapsulated fibres as they are known to be more resistant to absorb more water. In case of moderate rain, the rainwater will quickly be shaken off with ease.


Protection from Hail


Specifically, designed hail proof car covers can just protect some level of hailing but not perfect for severe healing so even when you cover your car with them, there will be scratches and dents. However, it is always better to use caution when leaving your car unprotected. 


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