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Posted by Adam's Awnings on 06/28/2020

Nine Minimal Pergola Design Ideas

Nine Minimal Pergola Design Ideas

Outdoor seating areas in homes look wonderful, and custom pergolas add up to this beauty. 

Pergolas enhance the charm of your place by providing a comfortable seating area and shade from the scorching heat. You can turn this space into a cosy garden, an outdoor entertainment area with stereo and lights, or an open dining space to have a gala time with your family and friends.

A well-designed pergola will take up your home a notch high by providing a character to your living area. All leading  provides distinct varieties of pergola designs to match up with your home. Today, pergolas can be found in many colours, textures, and designs to enhance the aesthetics of your property and give it a defining appeal. 

If you are thinking of building a pergola at your home, here are some interesting ideas you can consider. 

  • 1. The Traditional Romance

Have you seen beautiful pergolas in movies? Do you always find yourself wondering about creating your own? 

Well, the most classic pergolas that you have probably seen give a feel of traditional romance. You can create your custom pergolas by giving an old school touch with elegant white rafters, side lattices, a relaxed sofa, and a fountain in the middle. It is great for a comfortable evening with your friends and family.

  • 2. The Modern Yet Minimal Design

This modern and minimalist design does not give away much but gives an aesthetic look to your home. As "less is more" so does your pergola. This pergola design is ideal to give your property a modern touch.

  • 3. Breezy Pergola With Side Curtains

How about adding side curtains for a breezy day? Give your pergola a new edge by adding curtains to one side. Use this space as your cosy corner by adding a comfortable sofa, comfy cushions, and warmth to your outdoor seating. 

You can use different fabrics, colours, and prints to add vibrancy. Consult with your  to get more such ideas. 

  • 4. Give It a Twist With Garden Swings

Are you willing to add a little quirkiness to your pergola? Well, garden swings are the best way to do so. Instead of adding comfy sofas, take your pergola game higher by adding garden swings to your place.

  • 5. Turn It Blue

 Are you a water baby? Add blues to your pergola by designing it with warm blue tones. You can add soft cushions, privacy screen, and let the breeze come in. This setting will look perfect in summer times and will let you find the solace that you find near beachy spots.

  • 6. Add a Little Geometry

Get rid of the usual screens or shades by giving it a twist with geometry. Give your creativity a boost and build a custom pergola with imaginative geometry. Again, if your mind is not able to come up with imaginative ideas, consult your pergola designer to find some great inspiration. 

  • 7. Create a Gardener's Paradise

Create your outdoor space with beautiful lush gardens. Forget about the basic designs and add beautiful vines or potted plants to create a gardener's paradise. This green space under and around your pergola will give you calming and soothing vibes. 

  • 8. Black is Beautiful

If you like experimenting, say no to colours and turn to black. A black pergola looks enigmatic and gives a definition to your place by drawing all the attention. It’s a unique idea and can help you reflect your edgy choice. 

  • 9. A Reader's Haven

Snuggle up with your favourite book and create your own reading retreat by adding a comfy chair with cushions. You can read your favourite books here and leave some on the table to let your guests indulge in some book-related conversation. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this post. If you are keen to get a custom pergola designed for your home, connect with our team. We are one of the best pergola builders Sydney and can design for you the best outdoor structures. To know more, contact our experts 

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