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Posted by logo mockup on 12/15/2019

New BlurBird Business Cards Mockups

What Is A Business Cards Mockup?

A Mockup for business card is a template you can use to present your designs in a more realistic and creative way.

Business Cards Mockups come in all kinds of designs and with different background environments and layouts such as business cards, wood surfaces, signage, and more. These help you to present your logo designs to clients to show how the logos would look like in a real-life environment.

A business isn’t really a one-man venture. Whether it’s selling something, promoting your products, or providing more information, there will always be some sort of interaction between other people. It’s also during the maintenance process that you begin to meet more people who may have something to offer to make your business better. That is why business cards are important: for further contact between both parties.

Why Business Cards Presentation Important?

Our Mockup business cards contain all the necessary contact information for keeping in touch in the future. Yes, exchanging these details through a simple phone interaction can work quite well (better, even), but a business card usually ends up in the wallet by default and will inevitably fall back into the eyes of the receiver on multiple occasions, even just after a few hours after leaving your presence. And it’s not just about the fact that exchanging personal information over digital channels can feel very insecure and unsafe; a business card simply leaves a lasting first impression.

What makes a business card stand out? Well, to begin with, we want to keep it simple and straightforward, with a touch of personalization. The best way to do that is to do something that others wouldn’t dare to do: list your achievements, use bold choices of colors, or choose between a slightly more expensive printing choices to make your business cards feel heavenly upon feeling them. It’s the little things that go really far in the business card market.

Let’s take a look at the following professional and creative business card templates. They can be downloaded in a PSD format to give you full access over the personal requirements that you require of your business card.

If you’re a graphic designer or involved in the process of designing business card templates, please leave a comment with your latest designs, and we will consider them for inclusion in this lovely roundup!

Business Card Holder Mockup

Since you have two cards under control, you can easily use one for showcasing the amazing front design and the second for the backside. When working with a client, this is an excellent way of providing them a photo-realistic presentation of how the final mockup for business card could look like. At this moment, you can still perform different tweaks and regulations until they are fully satisfied with your creation. When done, let the printing begin.



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