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Posted by Pain Management NYC (Bronx, NY) on 03/24/2022

Neck Pain Treatment in NYC | Best Neck Pain Doctors Specialists

Neck Pain Treatment in NYC | Best Neck Pain Doctors Specialists

When you experience pain in your neck, you may find it difficult to sleep or concentrate. Because there are so many reasons why you may feel discomfort, you need an experienced physician who’s an expert in pain management in Manhattan. An accurate diagnosis is absolutely essential in resolving your discomfort. Rely on Pain Management NYC to get a diagnosis and the best treatment options for you.

Neck injuries are common in the United States. As many as 70 percent of all adults will have some neck ache during their lives. Considered cervical or upper back pain, it drives people to seek relief because it can limit daily routines and physical tasks.

Complaints about neck pain made up only 15 percent of doctor visits as of 2010. But comprised a full third of all hospitalizations the same year. And these numbers haven’t gone down in recent years. Today, five percent of those with neck pain may end up disabled or unable to work due to the condition. This is why you need to seek treatment at the first signs of discomfort: to prevent serious complications.

Types of Neck PainNeck Pain Treatment in NYC

Your neck has a tough job to do. It has to hold up your head, which weighs on average 10 to 11 pounds. It also has to allow all sorts of movement, such as turning side to side, raising and lowering your chin, and tilting each ear to your shoulder. This is the most flexible part of the human body.

Neck aches come in many varieties. The foundation of your neck is the cervical spine. Keeping your head upright relies on four different sets of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Any associated discomfort may feel tender, dull, sharp and stabbing, or radiating to your shoulders or other body areas. Constant or chronic pain can be debilitating.

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