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Posted by on 05/03/2021

Mithun Ivalkar's websiteprovides gems of knowledge

Mithun Ivalkar's websiteprovides gems of knowledge

It is rare in these times for people to express their profound thoughts with the world. Mithun has done just that with the articles on his website. He knows exactly what today’s professionals feel the need for. So he has something for everyone- the travel posts, leadership, pandemic, lifestyle, tips and tricks, tech stuff, productivity and more. Mithun has crafted his website with utmost care and confidence. He knows for sure what it takes for a reader to come back for more from someone who has been there and done that in the corporate world. So you will never find content that is irrelevant or doesn’t provide meaningful insights. His articles are well articulated, replete with actionable advices and suggestions. A lot of young readers would find his writing strike a chord with the way they think and chart their careers. Coming from a senior professional, Mithun is at that stage in life where he has some considerable body of work behind him and a few decades of work ahead of him.

What hooks readers are the book reviews with a flavour of his own and the essays, a section he has started recently that shows a glimpse of his deep thought. As an avid reader himself, Mithun’s choice of books will resonate with the young and old alike, culling from a plethora of publications only those books that have a strong compelling message that impacts your life and understanding of it. He has chosen genres like business stories, self-help, sci-fi novels, all time classics, new-age research oriented books from authors like Malcolm Gladwell and also novels by Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown and Chetan Bhagat. All in all, it makes for a wholesome read. His book reviews chalk out a gist of the book, give you the key takeaways and he doesn’t leave without telling you why he recommends this book. That makes the reader quite clear about the pot of gold that Mithun would have derived from the book.

Sharing what’s best is his forte and he does it with elan enabling his website to carve a niche for itself by bringing in fresh content almost on a daily basis. Especially during and post lockdown, his blogs were a whiff of fresh air with its ingenuity and simplicity while conveying what exactly he meant to say in a few words. His command over the English language is seen in the way he puts forward complex concepts with ease that provides readers with plenty of “Aha” moments, truly in line with the essence of his website – Aiming Excellence With Simplicity.

Mithun Ivalkar’s website is equipped to be a living ecosystem of ideas that are extensively populated, evolving, alive and flourishing. With a comprehensive body of work through this website, it wouldn’t be long before Mithun is seen arriving on the lecture circuit or goes the Book Way with his own publication. But for now, readers are happy reading his articles that provide content of matters that matter the most and more.

In the spirit of collaboration and striving towards content that makes a difference, Mithun is always open for comments and corrections. It is therefore not a surprise that we find readers appreciating his thoughts and views.

If you haven’t visited his website, we urge you to check it out here. If you follow him, do share your comments and feedback.


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