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Posted by Cancork Floor INC on 04/29/2019

Major Benefits of Installing Cork Flooring in Your House

Major Benefits of Installing Cork Flooring in Your House

For people, who are looking out for comfortable and eco-friendly flooring options for their homes, installing cork floorings is one of the most ideal choice and option for them. Considered to be long lasting and durable, these floorings are made from the bark of cork oak tree. Thanks to several benefits offered by them, cork floorings have witnessed a substantial growth in their popularity, amongst people all over the world.

Here’s taking a brief look at some of the major advantages offered by cork flooring basement and also reasons as to why they have become the most preferred choice.

Durable and long lasting

Cork floorings, when properly maintained and looked after, are known to last for as many as 40 years and even more. And, with cork flooring Canada being resistant to liquid spillage, cracks, scratches and scuffs, they are known to bounce back to their original shape, in spite of movement of heavy furniture on them.


There is no dearth of choice when it comes to selecting cork floorings for your home. The market is flooded with varied sizes, colors, styles and designs of cork flooring, for the buyers to make an easy choice. Irrespective of the style and design of your home interiors, you are sure to find cork floorings, perfectly complementing them.

Safe and healthy

Thanks to the anti-microbial material used for making cork floorings, they reduce the risk of potential health hazards, keeping you and your family members safe and in sound health. Cork floorings are highly resistant to attacks from molds, mildews and termites, thereby keeping the indoor air quality clean and germ free. Additionally, risks of accidents or mishaps due to fire are greatly reduced, thanks to cork floorings fire resistance qualities.

Comfortable, Convenient and Easy to Maintain

Walking on cork floorings is a comfortable experience, due to flooring’s ability to compress itself. Also, cork floorings offer an effective sound barrier, thereby reducing the noise levels in your house, to a great extent. And, cork being a great insulator, there is always feeling of comfort and warmth in your home atmosphere. As far as maintenance of cork floorings is concerned, all one needs is, plain water and a mild soap detergent, to have the floors shining and sparkling.


By installing cork floorings in their homes, owners can make a small contribution towards keeping this earth green and friendly. The reason being, cork floorings, which are made by using the bark of the cork tree instead of the actual tree, have no negative impact on the environment as such, thereby making them an eco-friendly option.  

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