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Posted by Cancork Floor INC on 02/21/2020

Major advantages offered by cork floorings

Major advantages offered by cork floorings

As compared to floorings made from other materials it is the cork floorings which are being preferred the most by people all over the world, albeit not without valid reasons. Of late, there is a growing popularity of cork floorings amongst contractors and home remodeling professionals, thanks to several benefits offered by them. Here’s looking at some of the key benefits and reasons as to why white cork flooring are fast turning into a popular option for homes and offices.



Although, cork is extracted from trees, it does not require killing of trees unlike seen in bamboo or hardwood. In fact, harvesting of cork bark can be undertaken every 10 to 12 years, from commercially raised trees which die due to reasons of old age. Hence, it can be easily said that, cork floorings are eco-friendly and safe for people with allergy and sensitivity issues. The presence of anti-microbial properties in cork bark makes it resistant to fungi and mold growth. 



As compared to floorings made from other materials like tiles, marble and wooden, cork underlay an unusual and unique looks to the interiors of the area. One can opt for cork floor tiles in hexagonal, square or triangular shapes. Also, there is no dearth of choice in colors of cork floor tiles. 


Durable and long lasting

If maintained and well looked after, cork floorings are known to last for years and years and from generations to generations. The longevity and durability factors are major reasons for the growth in popularity of cork floorings. 


Anti-static properties

Unlike laminated floorings, cork floorings have anti-static properties, which do away with providing nasty shocks to the users, especially during winter season. 


Noise reduction

Cork floorings are highly absorbent, thereby making them a perfect sound barrier, as far as lowering the decibel levels are concerned. 


Easy to maintain

Thanks to the stain resistance quality of cork floorings, they are easy to maintain, requiring only a mop, plain water and mild detergent, to have them clean and tidy. Also, it is advisable to avoid using harsh chemicals or heavy scrubbing on cork floorings. In case of cork flooring installed by using adhesive, one has to wait for at least 72 hours, before they can use the flooring. However, one can immediately use the floorings, albeit cork tiles are installed as floating floors. Avoid leaving excess water on cork flooring in spite the fact that they are water resistant. 

While choosing the right cork floorings, one should always opt for a reputed and reliable dealer, apart from hiring services of a professional floor installer. 

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