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Choosing the right cleaning company for your business can be a tedious task. You will have to consider a lot of options to enable you to decide if the company can do what they claim. You will also need to do a lot of research to see if you can trust such a company to keep your business free from dirt and mess. However, these are not the only things that matter when choosing the right cleaning company for your business. You also need to think about appropriate questions to ask before hiring any cleaning service in NJ. These questions will help you to understand the cleaning company and their mode of operations as well as determining if their service will suit your purpose.

Perhaps, you came across one of our guides and decided to hire a professional cleaning company for your business. But how can you hire a cleaning company that offers high-quality cleaning services and focuses on customer satisfaction? This is the primary concern of many businesses, as most do not know the appropriate questions to ask. You need not worry because we have compiled essential questions you can ask any corporate cleaning services NJ before hiring or sealing a contract.


Many professionals, such as engineers and accountants, are expected to have qualifications and experience. So why should a cleaning profession be an exception? Being credited with many qualifications and several years of experience exposes cleaning companies to better opportunities and higher chances of building trust from potential clients as well. Experience matters a lot for any cleaning company. Before hiring one, endeavor to ask questions to enable you know the number of years they have spent in the industry and the kind of clients they serve. This will help you determine if they can serve you.


Can anyone vouch for the cleaning company you are about to hire? Can you find a company that can attest to the quality of its service? How many recommendations can you get? If you ask a cleaning company to provide recommendations or feedback from past clients who were satisfied with their services, and they cant provide any, then, it’s a sign that they won’t keep to their words.


Before hiring NJ corporate cleaning services, you need to ask questions that will enable you to determine their level of availability. This involves trying to strike a balance between an NJ cleaning company that is excessively busy and one that has no work at all.

If they are always busy, it implies that they can’t accommodate emergency requests, and they will struggle to fulfill your cleaning needs as your business grows. On the other hand, if a cleaning company tells you they are always free, it raises a cause for concern because being “always free” indicates low patronage, which means that they likely offer low quality cleaning service or they are still “fresh” in the industry with little or no experience.

You should seek to create a balance if possible. Look for a company that has a fair share of the market, available to take your orders and execute them speedily. Also, they should be ready to work with you as your brand grows.


An NJ cleaning company should not just be insured, but they should also ensure that you are protected too. There are four types of coverage you need to look out for in a cleaning company. And they are:

General liability insurance

This type of insurance protects your assets against any claim for alleged misconduct by the cleaning company. Such insurance could be worth up to $1m.

Workers compensation insurance

This has to do with any job-related incident to the extent that it injures, causes a disability or even the death of a worker in the cleaning company. However, such insurance will only cover employees when they are at their place of work or going on a trip related to their cleaning work. Ensurethatt the cleaning company you are about hiring has a reasonable minimum worker compensation insurance. This should be seen clearly on their insurance certificate.

Automobile liability insurance

This protects people and property from accidents that involve your cleaning company’s fleet of vehicles as they move in an out of your business premises. An excellent way to protect your company’s asset is to insist that your cleaning company must have a commercial auto insurance policy.

Umbrella policies 

This covers all losses that exceed the extent of general liability insurance. This policy is vital because the actions of your cleaning company could result in an unforeseen event that exposes your company to significant financial loss. But if such a policy exists, your business will remain safe, and operations will not cease as a result of the unforeseen event. Ask the cleaning company if they carry a minimum of $1+ million in umbrella coverage on their insurance certificate.


Corporate cleaning does not just entail ensuring a business environment is free from dirt and mess. What if they completed all the tasks you assigned but failed to do them to your standards? Hence, the need to measure them against a particular scale or performance. How accountable are they? Do they say “yes” and allow their words to return to them unfulfilled? The last thing you want to do is to chase a cleaning company around with emails and phone calls after hiring them. These days, managers and supervisors can be assigned to inspect the work of anoffice and janitorialcleaning company and quality of cleaning done. Thus, saving you the stress of trying to see if they are carrying out their duties properly.

These questions will not just help you hire a professional janitorial company but enable you to find one that has the level of integrity, expertise, and accountability you desire in corporate cleaning. Endeavor to ask these questions and monitor the kind of response you receive. If they aren’t satisfactory, feel free to keep searching for the right one.

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