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Posted by Amelia Grant on 03/07/2019

Is Peanut Butter Sandwich a Good Idea for a School Lunch?

Is Peanut Butter Sandwich a Good Idea for a School Lunch?

School lunches… What a struggle they can be! Each mom will understand, but especially those whose children are picky eaters. It must be tasty, healthy, convenient to carry in a school bag. Not that many rules, but enough to be confused.

Many parents try to invent something their child would eat with at least something that will be not only tasty but healthy as well. Peanut butter sandwiches seem a good way out of the situation. It’s very filling and will give your child energy, packed with proteins and tastes so good. What’s not to love here?

However, there are some good reasons why you should reevaluate the option of giving your child peanut butter sandwiches to school. It’s not only a matter of their convenience and health but of the others as well.

Why Not?

Sticky fingers

At home, you can tell your child to go wash his or her hands but who will do it at school? Of course, there are children that are extremely neat in eating and conscious in washing their hands, but many children eat like little pigs and leave peanut butter on everything they touch. 

Dental health

Will your child be happy to eat a sandwich with the healthiest sugarfree peanut butter? In most cases, the answer is NO WAY. However, even if your child is unique and will eat it, both options are not the best for children’s oral health. Peanut butter sticks not only to hands but also to teeth, and your pediatric dentist may tell you bad news soon.

If it doesn’t contain sugar, it just stays on your child’s teeth, if it does - it will bring even more harm. At home, you can tell your child to brush teeth or rinse mouth to get rid of it. But who will do it in school? 


Peanuts are a very allergenic product. For many people, even being close to peanut-containing products is dangerous. Even the smell of it can cause an unwanted reaction that may be very strong. Think of your child’s schoolmates. You don’t know how much of them have allergy on peanuts and how their bodies may react on peanut butter in your child’s schoolbag. It isn’t worth anyone’s health and inconvenience.

Therefore, there are serious reasons to think of some other option to give your child for a school lunch. Sandwiches with peanut butter are a better option to eat at home, where you, as a parent, can control it. Teach your children to eat good food, to take care of their health and hygiene and to not to think only about themselves. This will help them grow up healthy, conscious and humble adults, and they will appreciate things that you taught them in the future. Stay healthy and raise healthy children!

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