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Is Natural Swimming Pool Right for You?

Is Natural Swimming Pool Right for You?

Sustainable and eco-friendly living is highly sought after. They are so popular that people are even looking out for natural alternative for swimming pools too. Today, swimming pool builders in Brisbane are meeting the growing demands of natural pools with reduced energy consumption, eco-friendly filtration options and other natural solutions to reduce the use of chlorine, salt and harsh chemicals.

Not only a natural pool is eco-friendly option to keep your environmental concerns off the hook, but also it is like a tranquil oasis just out of your living space where you can get the escapism from the busyness of life. So, if you think natural pools are perfect for you, here is everything you need to know.

How do natural swimming pools operate?

They don’t work like traditional filtered pools, relying on natural pool filtration process demands to create a biological balance to clean and purify the water naturally. It doesn’t require chlorine, salt, or other harsh chemicals for filtration.

Natural filtration constitutes of a special regeneration zone, separated from the swimming area by the dividing wall. The natural swimming pool zone comprises of shallow gravel beds planted with reeds, aquatic plants that can oxygenate the water along with microorganism that act as living filters and organic cleaners. These natural cleansers continually filter the water without harming the environment. Similarly, you can also choose to get a natural spa pool in Brisbane with all the perks.

Benefits of natural pools 

  • Pure, soft and naturally clean water with no chemicals to swim in.
  • Formal and natural design options to suit your choice.
  • You get to take care of environment.
  • Cost-effective alternative of traditional pool options: consumes low power, zero expense on chemicals.
  • The balance of biological processes remains right and fresh through-out the year, the biological process ensures it.
  • It requires less maintenance; calculate the hours you save on cleaning the pool.
  • The filter system is so easy to hide, in fact it is aesthetically beautiful.

Natural swimming pools are a viable option, they are good for your small backyard even. You can replace the biozone and compact biological filter. These types of pool don’t contain the plants, they use the bacteria that naturally cleanse the pool. Also, your traditional pool can be easily be converted to the natural pool, with a natural filtration system.

Cons of Natural Pool 

  1. Water may become stagnant: A natural swimming pond needs movement on a regular basis to keep the plants and waters for the prevention of algae growth. It can easily be defeated by installing a bubbler, to stir the water for you.
  1. Expensive Initial Cost: It can cost you more to install a natural swimming pool than a traditional pool. You will need to hire professional landscapers, contractors to build the filtration process and swimming areas. 
  1. Water gets dirty:The natural swimming pools use natural filtration process for keeping the water clean. So, the water will not appear crystal clear like in the traditional pools but slightly brown green as in any natural pool.

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