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Posted by Cancork Floor INC on 05/14/2019

Is Cork Tile Right for Use in Your Kitchen?

Is Cork Tile Right for Use in Your Kitchen?

Kitchen is the most important place in your home, therefore, it must have water resistant, stain resistant, washable and durable flooring. Most of the people look for cork flooring as there are so many good reasons to go for it. Kitchen Flooring should solve the purpose so you can go with cork as it is quite similar to hardwood.  

Easy to install:

Professionals can install it over dry concrete or wood subfloors. If you have old flooring then also this is easy to get it installed properly.  These cork tiles install with adhesive to join them to old subfloors.


This is a natural product that has a unique feature, pattern, and color. Manufacturers add a background color to it with the help of pigments during manufacturing. It can be dyed or stained to virtually any hue, so you are allowed to find the wide designs for your kitchen.

You should be very careful if you have such flooring in the kitchen as they can fade when it exposes to the sun and get damaged by sharp heels, heavy appliances, furniture and pet claws. You should go with the right cork product if your floor gets direct sunlight.

 Experienced supplier or professional manufacturer can help get the best cork flooring. You can surely find the color to resist damage or fading due to direct sunlight.  You have to clean it with furniture coasters or pads on a regular basis in order to prevent scuffs to the flooring and any sort of scratches due to furniture or appliances.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Some sealants like Polyurethane help clean the flooring and make the tiles look naturally beautiful.  You can maintain a protective barrier against stains and moisture by getting sealants applied after every five years. You can wipe up spills quickly to manage the new look.

You can sweep or vacuum the floor every day to keep it free from dirt particles that can damage the tile. You should better go with the cleaning agents specially designed to clean cork flooring.

Comfort and warmth:

This is amazingly comfortable hard surface flooring option, and its natural sponginess makes you feel amazing, and it is easy on your back, legs, and feet. You can make your cleaning and cooking sessions a little painless by using this Floating Cork Flooring. It is elastic and saves delicate cookware and glass from getting damaged while it hits the flooring.

This is warmer as compared to other flooring materials such as stone or ceramic tiles. Cork flooring is filled with air and wood that is insulated to cold so you can also use it for the radiant heating system.  


It is quite a safe option as it is resistant to termites, mildew and mild naturally.


It can last for a long time and stand up to family usage every day.  Generally, it is designed to stand for an average 25 years.

Whether you are thinking about Basement Flooring or kitchen flooring, cork can be the best option. It can be very durable if you clean and maintain it in a proper way.

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