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Introduction To The Quran

The Quran [Koran, spelled as pronounced] is the book of authority for the Muslims around the world while reading the Quran is a responsibility for a Muslim; it is nice to know how the book that has confused millions came into being.

The Quran was a book revealed to the Arabian Peninsula to Prophet Muhammad SAW in the year 600 AD through the angel Jibril AS in Mecca in the Cave of Hira, his hometown.

However, the Quran was not only revealed in Mecca, but it was also partly revealed in Medina. The Quran was written in Arabic and taught to the Prophet in the same language; hence the best way to learn it is in the Arabic language.

With so many religious books already revealed, one might be confused about what the Quran has to offer. The Quran is a guide, a map to redirect mankind to living a wholesome way of life. It is, therefore, the final message for all humanity, there is no segregation or stereotype with Islam, and it is a clean sheet to a free life.

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Prophet Muhammad SAW

The Quran was specifically revealed to Muhammad SAW, he was recognized as the seal of all prophets [meaning after him, none is coming from God after him]. With that said, the Quran is a revered book that supersedes all others.

The population of Muslims in the world has grown exponentially, and with almost 2 billion Muslims in the world as at 2018, most of who are away from the Arabian Peninsula, it is necessary to learn the Quran through a more accessible medium such as learn Quran online.

Quran – The Basics

As mentioned above, Arabic is the official language of the Quran. The word Quran means to read, or to recite, the book is a book revealed to be read or recited.

Quran 96:1

Suratul Alaq [the Embryo] – “Read in the name of your Lord”

This is the first verse that was revealed to the prophet, that he should read, even when the angel knew he couldn’t read; he forced him to read. This is the first line of action for every Muslim, the act of reading. It is only through reading that you can be a better Muslim and teach others how to improve their Islam and be Muslims to be proud of.

Furthermore, the Quran was not only written down to be read, but it was also taught to be memorized. One can only wonder why the strictness; the Book is one that is supposed to flow in your veins, hence the need to memorize it in addition to reading it.

The Quran is not a storybook, a collection of poems, or narration of the period in which it was revealed, but a bit of everything that is happening in the present of our life. When you think your problems are too big as a Muslim, then you have not been reading the Quran.

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The Composition of the Quran

The Quran can be likened to the New Testament of the Bible; the only very obvious reason is that the Quran in its entity was revealed from one source, the mouth of Angel Jibril to the prophet, no multiple people saying different things that mean the same or vice versa.

The Quran consists of 114 chapters of different lengths. The chapters are referring to as surah; each verse in a surah is called aaya. The longest surah has 6100 words while the shortest consist of 10 words.

The first surah of the Quran is the Fatihah [The Opening] consisting of twenty-five words. The longest surah is Suratul Baqarah [The Cow] which was named after the sacrifice Moses made as commanded by God. All the Surah except one, Suratul Taubah, it is a chapter that consist of the various punishments and anger of Allah starts with the praise

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

To aid easy memorization of the Quran after the death of the Prophet, Islamic clerics and scholars, divided the Quran into roughly thirty parts; the Juz. Each Juz is usually recommended every night in the month of Ramadan until the entire Quran is read in the 29 to 30 days of fasting.

Why the Quran is read in Arabic?

Over the years great emphasis has been placed on studying the Quran in the original language it was revealed

Quran 12:22

“Indeed, I revealed an Arabic Quran”

The Arabic text is the only language that enhances the text of the Quran, and a better way to read it.The Quran must be taught in Arabic to all that seek the knowledge of the Quran.

Furthermore, translating the Quran into other languages, or allowing it to be read in other languages, the essence of the Quran is lost and disappears in the lack of linguistic quality that can truly explain the beauty and message of the Quran.

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 The Tafseer of the Quran

The Quran is an easy book to understand if you set your mind to it. However, the Quran obligates that Muslims must endeavor to read the Quran properly.

When the prophet was taught the Quran, he taught his companions in the same way he was taught. This tradition has been passed down for over 1400 years ago since the Quran was revealed.

Quran 16:44

“And we have sent down to you (oh Muhammad) the message that you may explain clearly to men what is sent for them ….”

While the Arabic text with meaning might be confusing and push away potential learners, famous authors like Yusuf Ali and Dr. Hilali are famous translators that have understood the Quran so efficiently that their commentaries help others understand the Arabic version of the Quran

The Tajweed of the Quran

The word Tajweed is the Arabic word for doing something well. The Quran needs Tajweed to be read properly, not just for your comprehension, but to gain the reward that the Quran promises to all that reads the Quran whether here or the hereafter.

The Arabic alphabet is made up of symbols and signs that are positioned in different ways which change the tone, elongation, and pronunciation of the word.

Why Tajweed is important when reciting the Quran?

  • It allows you to read well and better
  • It allows you to comprehend the message better
  • It equipped you with an arsenal to prevent making unnecessary mistakes
  • It allows you to become a hafiz faster
  • It makes you able to read and compete in Quran competition
  • Reciting the Quran is the most rewarding and fulfilling thing any Muslim can ever do. It so uplifting and gratifying even in situations where you don’t really the Arabic or the words been read, especially in the case of non-Arabic Muslim looking to learn the Quran.
  • Hence to get the true essence of the Quran, the Tajweed is necessary as it helps to preserve the beauty of the Quran as it travels the globe to Muslims everywhere.

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Teaching kids the Quran

Well, you could get your son or daughter a tablet and download one of those Quran apps for them to learn the Quran. Or you could have them enrolled in a Quran class at your local mosque, or at an Islamic school? All good choices to learn the Quran, but have you considered the security risks, the rate at which kids are brainwashed, abused, and molested, can you truly trust someone with your child?

Don’t let the situations above deter you from learning the Quran. Join our kid's online classes and your child will be reading the Quran like a Hafiz soon.

Children learn the Quran faster than adults do, despite the everyday distractions like the TV, playing with friends, and wanting to have fun, a child that learns the Quran as a child will understand better all the different aspect of the Quran such as Tajweed, Tafseer and others.

The reasons are because they are pure at heart and have a spirit like a sponge that absorbs everything been taught.

Best way to teach kids the Quran

  • Classes should be short, fun, and interactive. It should be done every day, so they look towards another fun section.
  • Make the child repeat what they have learned the previous day. Don’t scold them for not getting it right, correct with love and laughter.
  • Let them know the importance of the Quran and why learning it is essential for them being good Muslims in the future
  • Start each class with a recitation or a video clip that triggers the emotions linking to the verse read
  • Parents should play the Quran at home, in low tune even when they playing around the house.
  • Parents should be 100 percent involved in the learning process, but should not be a hindrance or distraction
  • Reward them when they get a verse correct, including but not limited to the Tajweed too.

Finally is to register them at a reputable online Quran class with a proven track record.

Choosing an Online Quran Class for your Kids

www.tarteelequran.comis not just the best online Quran class for kids but for everyone looking for a platform to learn the Quran.

In choosing an online class for your kids, there are some factors that you should consider.

The courses

As simple as this sound, it is paramount and a key criterion when choosing an online Quran class. A good online class should cover the basics such as duas, the pillars of Islam, Arabic language, Tajweed, and Quran teaching.

The class should also have a class for beginners who have never come in contact with the Quran. What we mean here is that they have never been in a setting where the Quran has been officially taught to them.

The Teachers

In keeping in line with the morality practiced in the Quran, check with the online school if they can provide online female Quran teachers for your female kid(s). This will not only eliminate the suspicion of your female child in a compromising situation, but a teacher in the gender of your child will facilitate a faster understanding of the Quran.

Furthermore, the parent should meet one-on-one with the teacher to know how long she has been teaching Quran to kids, how she interacts with them and afterward sit in for some online Quran classes with the teacher.

Ask the Necessary Questions

Although most online Quran classes run 24/7, parents should choose times that are convenient with their wards or when they are at home. So ask the provider about their timing and what is taught during those classes.

The benefit of Teaching Quran to Kids

Quran Suratul Kahf 18: 46

“Wealth and children are the adornments of the present life. But the things that last, the virtuous deeds, are better with your Lord for reward and better for hope.”

Our life is for our kids; we work for them to give them a better life in all areas – shelter, welfare, and education. Speaking about education, as Muslims, it means introducing the Quran to them one step at a time.

Benefits are

  • They understand the religion of Islam better
  • They grow up to be better Muslims
  • Strengthens the bond between the parents and their kids
  • Connects the kids with the spiritual side that the Quran offers to Muslims

Finally, the Quran and introducing kids to the Quran are a great way to allow our younger generations to understand the Quran.

However, remember to allow them to grow into the class and not force them to learn it. The whole idea for online Quran class for kids is to teach them about the book. has come a long way in teaching Quran to everyone, especially to kids. Their expertise in handling kids has set them apart as the best online Quran classes.

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