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Posted by ThePro3DStudio on 09/16/2020

Importance of 3D Design and Modeling in Home Renovation

The process of home remodeling or renovation can be quite challenging. It can be really exciting when you are anticipating a much better outcome with the current look of your home. However, it can be scarier, if the results did not turn out the way you have envisioned. Also, chances are you have to rework again if you made any mistake by selecting the wrong color, texture, material, fixtures, or measurement. It would cost a lot of time and money, which nobody likes to experience. Thankfully, it is not an issue anymore ever since the inception of 3D designs. It has completely changed the way renovation or remodeling was done before.

Whether you are looking for a complete renovation of the home and just redecorating a few spaces like bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, there are a lot of things you need to know for avoiding the common blunders. Home remodeling, when done right, can do wonders to your property by increasing its value. When incorporated with 3D design, it can help in crafting a more accurate visualization of the building space. It can help with tweaking the measurements and identify potential problems even before the property construction takes place. In a nutshell, we can say that 3D house design can make the entire process of home remodeling much effective and easier.


Why Should You Create 3D Models Before Remodeling?

Remodeling or renovating an architectural property can be very risky. Thus, by using three-dimensional design and rendering, you can avoid risks while making the process much easier. Most people are emotionally attached to their houses or properties. So, why take a chance in this case when you can easily avoid the risks and create your dream home?

With 3D interiors, you can see your imagination becoming reality and amplifying the feel of your interior spaces. With accurate designs, you can offer a better understanding of your ideas to the builders so that they can create the property just like the way you want. You can also pre-visualize the looks of your building to know how it exactly appears after it is renovated. Therefore, considering all the above things, it is highly understandable why it is in the trend nowadays. So, do not stay behind and make the best use of this technology to ensure your dream becomes a reality.


Types of 3D Renderings You Should Go For

The type of 3D rendering that should be used will mainly depend on the scope of your house renovation project. However, we have also mentioned below a few important ones for your consideration.


  • Interior Renderings: 

3D interior renderings can help you envision the color, fixture, or texture for your building interiors. It can be useful if you are just renovating the rooms.


  • Exterior Renderings: 

Exterior 3D renderings offer a more detailed view of the property exteriors. It can help you to see the exterior textures like stone, brick, roofing, trim, etc. along with their color combinations.


  • Floor plan Renderings: 

3D floor plans can help with visualizing the layout of the rooms. These are excellent for large-scope projects which involve the remodeling of an entire floor or multiple rooms.


  • Aerial Renderings: 

It usually offers a bird’s eye view of the entire building structure. You can use it if you want to renovate your housing exteriors along with the landscapes.


Top 5 Benefits of 3D Design and Modeling for Home Renovation

You must consider 3D modeling and design if you wish to obtain outstanding results with your home renovation project. Here the various benefits you can achieve through it by using it in the early stages of planning and development.


     1. Clarifies your vision for home remodeling 

Many sources are available to help you collect ideas for house remodeling.  A few of them can come from magazine, Pinterest, or even your mind itself. However, the real challenge is not collecting ideas but to implement them in a way that can work for the desired space. 3D design tools can help in this matter by enabling you to see precisely if the 3D home plan can work or not. You will also get to know if all the design elements including the colors, shapes, and materials can provide the expected outcomes before the construction work begins. 3D modeling and rendering can add more clarity and accuracy to your work since you can remove ideas that are not good enough and finalize the ones that can provide you with outstanding results.


       2. Helps with material selection

Unlike traditional drafting, 3D design and modeling can help you to take care of even the minor details like the type of materials used. You can select the desired materials for your property space, be it for flooring, wall, windows, pavers, counter surfaces, or even the room’s layout. You can also seek assistance from the interior designers and use their suggestions for comparing various concepts and choosing the one that perfectly goes with your personality and needs. Since the 3D technology is flexible, it can also allow you to make a variety of modifications and improvements in the design so that you can choose the materials with the best features. 


       3. Ensures accuracy in space planning

Space planning is one of the crucial aspects of the home remodeling process. In the earlier days, home remodelers usually relied on 2D plans to showcase the building model of the houses. The plan used to have multiple layers of pages for showcasing each model with a different view. It commonly resulted in measurement mistakes since keeping track of all the details on each of the pages was next to impossible. However, with the 3D modeling software tools, it is easier to combine all the layers into one that could provide a clear and accurate view. Furthermore, these views can shape your ideas and bring them to life, thereby enabling the builders to accurately plan and measure the building structure.


        4. Prevents common remodeling mistakes

3D design can help you to save both time and money in the long run. It can enable you to identify potential mistakes, which can later become a hindrance to the remodeling process. Thus, your designs end up being more accurate and effective. 3D rendering can also aid with offering a clear visualization of the end design so that 3D artists can take the right measurements while accessing each part of the building during the early stages of construction. By achieving high precision levels in the beginning, the whole process becomes much smoother and seamless, thereby preventing unexpected errors or changes so that it does not affect your schedule and budget.


          5. Improves communication between contractor and homeowner

The 3D design is also believed to improve communication between the homeowner and the contractor. When the designs are more expressive and accurate, it can help them to visualize how the property is supposed to look after the construction. Once both the designer and the clients get a proper idea of the building 3D model, they can work together on it to craft the best results. They can try out different designs, discuss among themselves to eradicate potential issues, and come up with better ideas or solutions. Finally, they can incorporate those ideas into the designs to holistically meet the desired needs of the clients as well as improve their sales.  

 Nowadays, 3D renderings and designs have become an absolute necessity in the process of home remodeling. It is looked up to by every interior designer, architect, homeowner, or real estate agents who wish to rank their listings on the top. Even though you have a professional or experienced designer to help with the work, nothing can match 3D designs when it comes to understanding the depth and perspective of interpreting and visualizing a property that has not yet been built. By combining the exceptional benefits of 3D modeling and a skilled team of 3D designers, one can seamlessly carry out the remodeling process and bring the ideas to life with accuracy and effectiveness.  Contact us for high quality 3D rendering services. 



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