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Posted by on 03/06/2020

How Zigsig Streamlined The Mobile Loan Closing Process And Became One Of The Fastest Growing Companies In The Mortgage Industry

February 2020 – For those who have experienced the task, coordinating loan closings can be one of the most stressful, agonizing and laborious portions of the real estate transaction. But Zigsig found a solution on how to streamline the loan closing process and provide a better customer experience which has clients coming back again and again. 

As a SAAS platform, Zigsig expedites mobile notary mortgage closing for real estate transactions nationwide. They help title companies source notaries and manage signings more efficiently and bring all of the parties into the transaction.

“We have streamlined the notary scheduling process and the amount of time an escrow officer or lender needs to "touch" a file from about 30 minutes down to under 2 minutes. Most clients are shocked at the speed we can operate. Our borrower feedback stats don't lie either as we are tracking at a 99% 5-star feedback rating. While we had bootstrapped the operation without obtaining any outside funding, we made sure it didn't feel like that when a client used our platform.” Adam Babish said, operator of Zigsig.com.

The mortgage industry is evolving and title companies and lenders must be able to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. While there are already reliable notaries that provide crucial notary services, finding the right mobile notary is challenging and choosing the wrong one can kill a deal and lose a client. ZigSig uses combined consumer and client feedback scoring and a proprietary algorithm to find the most qualified notary for each loan signing appointment. The system is constantly adapting and learning from its data to locate the best mobile notaries.

ZigSig was founded to improve the signing process. By taking old tools of the trade along with new automation breakthroughs and modern machine learning, the company was able to create an all-in-one notary platform that enables escrow officers and loan officers to take back control of their signings.

Established in 2018 by Adam Babish, the company’s goal was to shake up the real estate closing marketplace and introduce a more efficient and simplified mobile signing process. The Zigsig platform is available to title companies, escrow officers, mortgage lenders and signing services and can seamlessly integrate with all closing software platforms or act as a stand-alone platform. 


ZigSig is a SAAS platform used to simplify mobile notary loan closings for real estate transactions nationwide. Zigsig helps title companies, lenders and notary signing services source notaries and better manage signings. ZigSig has reduced the scheduling process required from 30 minutes down to 60 seconds. ZigSig will soon be releasing full digital closing options along with e-notary options. 


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