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Posted by Totally Covers on 04/18/2020

How to Select the Best Custom Car Seat Covers in Canada?

If you are a proud owner of a new car then you may already be aware of car upholstery. The upholstery is an additional protection given to your car or truck or an SUV such that it gives the interior of your vehicle a more aesthetic appeal and better protection.

If you have only heard about upholstery and no details then you must note that car upholstery comes in various types and shapes and depends upon your tastes, preferences and budget. Basically, car upholstery range from cloth, fabrics to leather of various kinds.

Leather and leatherette are quite different and come at higher prices. In fact, leather is pure while leatherette is synthetic and each has its own pros and cons. On the other hand, fabric and cloth upholstery for your car comes at a very cheap and affordable cost.

Besides, your custom seat covers Canada, made in fabric may have stunning looks and widest possible variety of shades and designs.

Pros and Cons of Various Types of Upholstery

Vehicle upholstery made in original leather is pretty good for your car or truck because it is comfortable and you feel it softer. Pure leather is also good to smell. Leatherette, on the other hand, is synthetic made of vinyl or a type of plastic and looks like leather although it isn’t so.

Yet for your truck seat covers Canada leatherette may be a better option. They can be cleaned and do not absorb dirt like pure leather. Besides, leatherette will not get discolored like leather either.

But the latest trend to seat covers for your vehicle has been seen in flexible and cheaper material like fabrics and cloths. Great technology had gone into its making and therefore you will find them gorgeous while sitting inside the car as they are comfortable too.

Extra Thick Finishing with Custom Seat Covers

Currently, and considering future trends, people prefer dynamic moments while being inside the car as well as outside. It is no surprise that seat covers in Canada have evolved accordingly. With the right and perfect fit you don’t have to create vacuum space between the seat cover and the seats.

Some of the highlighting features of fabric design and make are as follows:

· Usage of high quality velour and cotton materials

· Durability due to three layered construction

· Foam padding for protection and more comfort

· Animal prints, attractive art works, grotesque designs, Hawaiian prints especially for your car seat covers in Canada make your travel fun.

· Easy to maintain and clean and therefore hygienic

· Affordable prices

The choice for such fabrics too are innumerous and definitely not stereotype. Most of the materials are eco-friendly and you often get good discounts for purchasing online. Above all, it improves the visual appeal of your car and its riders.

Velour and cotton are also intermixed with one another and you would find the material description on each of the pictures if you visit an authentic site to make your purchase. Last and not the least is that you can make your own design right on the interface of some sites that have provisions for it. Manufacturers would replicate the design accordingly.

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