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Posted by Starpro on 02/07/2019

How to Provide Your Kid the Optimum Protection with Starpro G30 Junior Boxing Gloves?

How to Provide Your Kid the Optimum Protection with Starpro G30 Junior Boxing Gloves?

Boxing is a controlled contact sport and one of the most regulated and responsibly conducted contact sports out there. Boxing is a game of quality, protection, comfort and durability for kids too. Yet, it demands a best protection gear in order to participate without any compromise on protection. With so many options available for children’s boxing gloves, opt for G30 boxing gloves, which is the best pair of gloves Starpro offers in kids boxing gloves range.

Find the Right Pair of G30 Junior Boxing Gloves for Your Kid

Read on to know how to find out the right pair of boxing gloves for your kids whether they focus on general training, working the pads, or hitting the speed bag. Pick the pair of gloves for your kids that is suitable for bag work, sparring and general workout because they do not need gloves that are custom made for some specific purpose at the early stage of their boxing training. However, the key to choose kids boxing gloves is high quality boxing gloves always, hence, G30 Junior boxing gloves.

Do Not Settle For Less Quality

While purchasing suitable boxing gloves for your kids, remember that you always get what you pray for. That is why do not settle for less quality glove at cheap price and risk injury. Make the impression of the sport lasting on your child and do not compromise on quality of the glove because a fractured risk will ruin the impression that your child has on the boxing sport and you sure don’t want that, right?

Be Aware of Low Value Kid’s Boxing Gloves

It gets tiresome and overwhelming at times to find quality youth combat sports gear, when it comes to quality at a reasonable cost price. While looking for the best quality gear for your kid’s boxing training, be aware of the products that are manufactured with low quality material to maximize profits. Choose junior boxing gloves of a definite quality that is able to stand the test of time.

How to Set Off Your Kid’s Boxing Journey with Best Junior Boxing Gloves?

With the evolution in combat sports particularly Boxing and MMA, there are so many different styles and colors to choose the gear from. Hence, if your child is going to begin his journey in combat sport training then you must understand the difference between flashy equipment and quality equipment. Don’t just go on the coolest look of the gear because sometimes the coolest looking gear is made of the lowest quality materials. Nonetheless, that is not an issue with Starpro G30 junior boxing gloves as they are made of quality material and the design is cool enough to set off your kid’s boxing journey with best.

What to Look For In Junior Boxing Gloves for Kids?

Not all junior boxing gloves are made same, there are many different materials and sizes to consider when purchasing. So, there is a lot to look for in a good pair of junior boxing gloves.

Junior Boxing Glove Size

The sizing is much different for youth than it is for adult. The glove sizes that are recommended for children is either 4, 6 or 8 ounces in weight. Adult gloves are relatively bigger depending on the level of training involved, also, sparring gloves are usually much bigger in size too. The boxing gloves a child wears must have a snug and comfortable fit along with flexibility. In the right pair of junior boxing gloves their fingertips should be able to reach the top of their gloves and their hand should be at the ability to comfortably make a fist. Moreover, if you want your children to protect their hands with hand wraps then keep in mind that their glove should comfortably fit their hand wraps without being too tight.

Junior Boxing Glove Material

It is always recommendable to buy leather boxing gloves for adults, but, to buy junior boxing gloves for kids, there are other quality factors to consider and having real leather is not as such important enough.

To get synthetic or Maya leather boxing gloves for kids is better as this type of material is more comfortable and breathable for your child in boxing training. Pair of Velcro strap or elastic gloves for kid’s junior boxers is recommended as it is easy for kids to put their gloves on and off.

Buy Starpro G30 Junior Boxing Gloves for Your Kid’s Optimum Protection

The Starpro G30 Junior boxing glove amazingly meets the requirements of kid’s hand protection in accordance with its product specifications. Its novel shock protecting foam provides supreme protection during boxing training. Sweat and body temperature are reduced by the Hydra-flow technology that keeps the boxing glove fresh and dry until the end of the training. Its high-quality PU5G artificial leather gives the glove a definite quality. The matt carbon design of G30 junior boxing gloves make this glove unique in sizes of 6 and 8 ounces. Moreover, Starpro G30 Junior Boxing gloves are of elastic cuff that ensures easy on and off is quite great for kids.

Go in-depth and get the best G30 junior boxing gloves for your kids, so that they can start out their combat sports journey with a good quality product.

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