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How To Memorize Quran Online Through Online Quran Classes?

The world is such as a bustling place that everyone including the millions of Muslims residing in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia barely have time to perform the fundamental obligation of been Muslim – memorizing the Quran.


Muslims in these regions don’t have time to observe their five daily prayers because the environment doesn’t encourage or allow them to freely and openly practice their Islam as it is required.

Contrary to popular thinking that memorization of the Quran can’t be done without sitting before an Iman or Quran teacher, now online Quran courses are helping millions of Muslims fulfill this obligation outlined in the Quran.

At the forefront of helping Muslims achieve their dream is and online Quran academy for Muslims in the United States, United Kingdom, and other places to memorize Quran Online effectively through their website.

Now with online Quran Classes, whether you are working, students, a stay at home mom, and elderly or a child, or engaged in other activities, you too can enjoy the reward and promise of Allah.

“Allah will reward who recites the Quran a great deal and even more for the one that makes effort to try and memorize it – even through great difficulty with a double reward.” Imam Jafar al Sadiq


Why does Islam emphasize on Quran Memorization?

The Quran, the words of Allah is to be held dear and close to the heart. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was reported saying, “The human heart gets rusted like iron but are only be polished by the recitation of the Quran.”

Is this not enough for you (a Muslim) to want to enroll in online Quran classes and learn the Quran?

The History of the revelation of the Quran is one that is known to many across the globe (Muslims and non-Muslim) alike. Some claim but the Muslims understand the impact of having the Quran in your heart with you everywhere you go.

The Quran was revealed in the year 609 CE in the cave of Hir’a where the Prophet Muhammad (The Seal of the Prophets) usually meditates. It was during one of such days that Angel Jibril AS came with instructions from Allah SWT that HE (the Prophet) be taught the Quran.

But the prophet wasn’t learned, he was just like millions of Quraysh people living in Mecca; however, the Angel pressed him until he read.

Suratul Alaq – 96 verses 1-5

 It translates

Read in the name of your lord who created

He has created man from a clot

Read in the name of your Lord most gracious

Who has taught by the pen?

He has taught man that which he knew not. 

These five verses are the foundation of the emphasis on reading the Quran day and night.

However, there is a catch in this story; you see just like the Prophet, the majority of the Muslims including the companions of the prophet although exceptionally brilliant couldn't really write or read, the only option, memorization by heart.

The chain of knowledge was, the angle taught the prophet, he taught his family and companions who in turn taught others as they move around spreading the words of Islam in territories far and wide.


It is not until the death of many companions of the prophet was the Quran penned down to what we know it to be today.

Regardless of the history, memorization of the Quran is part of an obligation that every Muslim should endeavor to fulfill.

Now if you are still thinking, I want to but don’t have the time (Subhanallah), Allah has made away with online Quran classes at Register and study to memorize Quran online with Hafiz and Hafiza on their website.


Why memorization is important in Islam?

The Quran is perhaps the only religious book in the world that people want to memorize from the beginning to the end by heart.

Some outside the Muslim circle might find this task overbearing considering the Quran has 114 (one hundred and fourteen Surah (chapters in Arabic), with 6,236 verses and we shouldn’t forget that when we speak of memorizing the Quran, it must be done with Tajweed (how the Quran is meant to be read).

Speaking of Tajweed, has an online Quran course that can help you learn Tajweed online so that memorizing the Quran can be easy for you regardless of your location – Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States.


It helps preserve the Quran

If the prophet Muhammad didn’t insist on his companions and family to keep memorizing and reciting the Quran constantly, we will not have the Book that contains the words of Allah which is the reason why Muslims have a voice, guide, and path to follow today.


It safeguarded the Quran from MAJOR distortions

Everyone that probably learned the Quran during the time of the prophet must have had a different way of speaking and talking. However, because of Tajweed, the Quran has been able to reserve its originality and authenticity due to the Tajweed.

Tajweed is the set guideline in the pronunciation of the alphabet and words of the Arabic literature.


The Quran is the Shifaa for those that choose to memorize it.

For the benefit of non Arab readers, Shifaa means healing, restoration, and wholesomeness. When you memorize the Quran by heart, the Quran act as these things in your life, it literary make them healthier, smarter, youthful, and whole.

 It helps you understand the Quran better

It takes quite a long time to memorize the Quran, while there are tips and way to help memorize the Quran, learning to memorize Quran online is a process that allows you delve deeper into the words and meaning of how the words combine with the next to stir the spirituality in the reader.

Furthermore, people who want to memorize the Quran can take nearly a year to memorize it to become a hafiz.


How to memorize the Quran effectively?

 The Prophet Muhammad said before his death, “I leave among you two weighty things, the Book of Allah and my legacy; if you hold fast onto them, you will never go astray --- these two should never be separated from each other till they meet at the heavenly fountain Kawthar.

There is nothing that will guarantee your salvation as a Muslim that adhering to the instructions of the Quran and the Hadith, while many people want to achieve this, the only way is familiarizing with the Quran through memorizing Quran online with the help of tutors from


Start from an Early Age

Children are a crucial part of Islam that shouldn’t be denied the right to learn the Quran or memorize it either. So if the aim of reading the Quran is to memorize it, then starting at an early age gives you that leverage of a youthful unadulterated brain to comprehend better and utilize it more as you grow up.

“One who reads the Quran is a believing youth, the Quran mixes with his flesh and Allah will make a place for him with the Angels.”

For all that read the Quran, the Quran will act as a barrier between them and the Hellfire on the Day of Judgment.

So registering with online Quran classes for your kids early; we are not in any way trying to dissuade adult learners from memorizing the Quran, let www.learnquran.onlineget you started with our online Quran courses today.


Start Small

The Quran has 114 chapters, 30 Juz, while you can choose to start anywhere depending on your capacity, please do. However, when learning the Quran with an online Quran course will enable you to set small steps that are easier to follow. For Muslims that have knowledge of Arabic or the Quran, then memorization will be easy and faster.


Set a Goal 

Everything in life worth achieving but memorizing the Quran is a double reward from Allah SWT. If you are memorizing the Quran for Quran competition, set a time frame and follow up every class until you can correctly apply Tajweed at every step.


Benefits of Memorizing the Quran

For a Muslim, memorizing the Quran accords you the following privileges

            •           You are protected from the Shaitan and Dajjal by the Quran

            •           He gets the reward as someone that performs the Hajj when he/she goes to the mosque in the morning

            •           It reduces stress and improves your health

            •           It builds your memory and makes you more creative

            •           It saves the heart from the destruction of worldly things and temptation

            •           It will intercede for them on the Day of Judgment

            •           It will elevate the memorizer among believers in the Muslim community

            •           If you are a student, memorizing the Quran can make you


Why choose Learn Quran to memorize Quran Online?

For Muslims in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, memorizing the Quran shouldn’t be difficult with

Fulfill your dreams of being a Hafiz with our online Quran classes and online Quran course, the registration process is very easy.

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