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Posted by ACP Panel - Envitect on 06/23/2021

How to Glam Up Your Kitchen with Envitect ACP Panels

Be it a new house or the one in a renovation stage, it does need the well set up kitchen specifically, the modular kitchen. Having a modular kitchen in the house helps get the cooking done with ease and provides flexibility too.

Kitchens can be defined as the center of the house and must be designed using durable material that also gives it an elegant look and glam up your whole house. Every homeowner desire to have a kitchen that’s long-lasting, hassle-free, and works like a magic for a lifetime of usage.

But the question is how do you make such kind of kitchen for your home? With a range of materials available in the market, it becomes confusing for homeowners to select the right material for their kitchens. But worry not because ACP sheets are here to rescue. 

The durability, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance, termite free, anti corrosive are few qualities that make ACP a perfect choice for your modular kitchen cabinets. And we have come with a guide on how to glam up your kitchen cabinets with Envitect ACP Panels.

How You Can Glam Up Your Kitchens with Envitect ACP Sheets?


Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP Panels from Envitect come in a wide variety of textures that can surely glam up your house’s kitchen. They are made of two layers of Aluminium along with mineral or LDPE core in the center. Moreover, they are proven to be more durable than any other plywood, or other wooden surfaces. 

So, here’s how you can glam up your kitchen with Envitect’s durable ACP sheets:

1. Using Wood Finish ACP

Wooden ACP sheets are elegant and give your kitchen a distinct look over other materials. Envitect’s engineers have artfully crafted ACP sheets with a wooden finish to glam up your kitchen interiors. We offer ACP sheets with Striking Knots, Grains, and ember imperfections that mimic aged wooden surfaces enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Envitect offers over 10 different wood finishes that come in 4 different grades two of which (Diamond and Pearl) come in 4mm sizes and (Platinum & Gold) come in 3mm sizes.

2. Using Marble Finish ACP

Another great way to make your kitchen cabinets look elegant is by using Marble finish Alco panels. Envitect’s Marble finish ACPs are made with a combination of advanced technology & nature’s beauty that bring out the effect of nature directly in your home. Furthermore, they help get the right aesthetics for your kitchen cabinets required by you.

Envitect offers over 5 different marble finishes with 4mm and 3mm grades that come with different front and LDPE core thicknesses and are perfectly suitable to glam up your kitchens.

3. Using Sparkle & High Gloss Finish

Want your kitchen to look all sparkly and shiny? Envitect’s Sparkle & High Gloss finish is your answer. These sheets will heighten the level of elegance of your kitchen cabinets. And its self-cleaning property is the most desirable feature that makes it the best choice to glam up your kitchen interiors. Thanks to their sparkling beauty & high gloss, they are the popular choice among interior designers.

Envitect offers four different shades of sparkle and high gloss ACPs to choose from to enhance the aesthetics and style of your kitchen interiors.


4. Using Brush Finish ACPs

Last but not least is using brush finish Aluminium Composite Panels. They are all the more better option for those who want to keep their kitchen cabinets simple yet stylish. These panels evoke an elegant feel and help give your kitchen the upgraded look you desire. Using the brush finish ACP from Envitect, you can make your kitchen modern, upstyled, and smart.

The Brush finish ACPs from Envitect come in two different variants: Brush Silver and Brush Gold. Both are available in all four different grades: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and Gold.


Wrap Up


In a nutshell, ACP Panels come with different textures and finishes to choose from that can help heighten the look and feel of your kitchen interiors. They are bendable and can be cut in desirable sizes to perfectly fit anywhere it is needed. Moreover, they are easy to use and simple to clean.


Enquireto leading ACP sheet manufacturer in India, Envitect, if you want to glam up your kitchen cabinets. We also provide ACP in customized thicknesses and sizes for your special needs.


Here you can find our reference post: https://acpsheetsmanufacturing.blogspot.com/2021/06/how-to-glam-up-your-kitchen-with.html

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