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Posted by Suresh Dorge on 10/17/2020

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Strings for Country Music

Let see: 1. Proper Gauge Gauge of the strings is one of the very important factors when it comes to the tone of an acoustic strings. Thus you should consider this factor and choose the strings accordingly. For country music, I think light gauge strings are great for you. If your technique involves lots of bending or double stops then ideal you should go for the strings with 10 or 11 gauge light strings. 2. Material of the Strings When things come the acoustic strings material, there are mainly four materials namely Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Brass and Steel. I always recommend going with Phosphor Bronze strings especially with light gauge for country music. you can also go with Bronze if you like its tone. 3. Brand I don’t know what you think about this but personally, I don’t recommend any brand when it comes to the acoustic guitar strings. I pick the strings even for myself by their own specs like gauge, material that I already mentioned just above. So, don’t get confused with brand names, If you’re using any brand and if you have trust on them then go for it. And if not then choose any from above list. 4. Coated Strings? Clear and Short Answer: YES for country music, you should go for coated acoustic guitar strings. However this is a kind of personal preference for some peoples but I think coated strings sounded better than non-coated for this genre. That’s it from my side: Source: https://www.scoreguitar.com/best-acoustic-guitar-strings-for-country-music
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