Posted by Aastha Community Service on 04/25/2021

How to access a Supported Independent Living (SIL) service in Western Australia

With the intent of allowing more choices, freedom, and control over the lives of individuals with disabilities, NDIS is offering the option of Supported Independent Living. Available at one’s own living space or at a shared living arrangement, SIL focuses on supporting and supervising the individual on their daily tasks and in improving their personal and social skills.

Before reaching out to any of the Support Coordination Service providers, it is important to know that NDIS approves the support option based on a guideline that decides the best support option for the participant. This is based on many factors including the participant’s goals, the support required for their daily tasks, if they require person-to-person support, and the support system they already have.

Once the criteria are met, the next step is to find the right SIL partner and Support Coordinator, who will assist right from the documentation through the day-to-day support activities. The NDIS funding will also be based on the quote from the SIL partner. SIL partners like Aastha, which has been providing Supported Independent Living in Perth, WA, offer 24x7

support to the individual in almost all the tasks around their home including personal care, daily life skills, budgeting, social skills, and communication.

Being a registered NDIS Support in Perth, Aastha helps prepare the quote, getting it NDIS approved, and also provides NDIS Accommodation Service in Perth or anywhere in Australia if the participant requires a shared living space. Additionally, Aastha also provides NDIS Core Support in Perth by offering Adult care and Aged careDrop-in Support services, and Psycho-social support services. Reaching out to a SIL partner like Aastha helps with an independent and safe living space for the disabled, with round-the-clock support, assistance with personal and social skills, and guidance for NDIS related procedures and budgeting.

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