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Posted by lisa anderson on 05/08/2020

Home Service Direct Is A Scam Company, Rogue Traders

These are all fake companies and not registered THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE TRADE ASSOCIATION, be warned.

Home Services Direct



This is a scam company I called them out they sent the local plumber who was supposed to change my washer in my kitchen tap, after spending like 20mins he says he can't fix it, he had the wrong type of washers that did not fit my type so he then tries to cross-sell me on tap I refused and asked to cancel. He then said he won't go without payment. I called Home Services Direct who work under the fake name of The Local Plumbers advised I need to pay despite any work done and also overcharged me by 10pounds total paid was 59.50gbp but was advised 49.50 GBP over the phone. I still haven't had any work done. Been scammed. But hopefully, you guys will avoid my situation. Also if you get a black guy come round his engineer's ref no is BN1962 then cancel the job straight away as he is a rogue trader and will on purpose delay the job to con you out of more money, he has a small white van. He also took the card of my hand and went into his van with my mobile (I was on the phone to local plumbers discuss his attitude) when he snatched my phone from my hands and went into his van with my card. He then came out on his phone, gives back my phone (which I had to sanitise) saying he has charged my account without confirming the amount or my permission. Don't sign any documents just cancel straight away. If this review does not stay on Trustpilot I will post this on my social media accounts. I think this company is using fake positive feedback, there is no way a non registered company without a trade association can have soo much positive feedback without faking the reviews. They ignored my complaint without even listening and charged my card.

By THE SUN News Simon McCoy May 2020

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