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Posted by Joshi Tours & Travels on 05/15/2019

Historical Places that will give you clear Idea about Lucknow


Lucknow is a beautiful place to visit and it represents a lot of the Mughal architecture. Lucknow has a lot of places, is rich in culture, heritage buildings and is a treasure for people to visit and explore the places themselves. Not most of the people know about the wonderful places to visit in Lucknow, also there are various tours & travels that provide wonderful packages but not all of them provide wonderful services like the Joshi travel agency in varanasi  does. We provide a range of travel packages, including the Varanasi vacation package, Nepal family tour package et cetera, with best services that will make your journey and your stay at your dream location memorable. So here is a list of places that you can visit when going to Lucknow. 

1.Bara Imambara: The Bara Imambara has a beautiful architecture which includes stone carvings, beautiful flower designs, and poetic Urdu writings will leave you mesmerized a make you fall in love with the beautiful architecture instantly. The Imambara has the largest ceiling in the world without any support from the beams. This is one of the architectural beauties for sure and is worth paying a visit to. Taking tours from Joshi travel agency in Varanasi will surely make your journey amazing and will make your stay at your dream location amazing. 

2.Rumi Darwaza: Most of the architecture in the Lucknow will represent the combination of Mughal and colonial style of architecture. So as soon as you enter Lucknow, you will see the Rumi Darwaza and inside you can see the clock tower which is a colonial time of creation.  This is one of the gates that will you to old Lucknow was built by Asaf-ud-Daula in the 18th century. The gate has stone carvings on it and will make your entrance in the city magical and magnificent. When you plan a visit to places like this, we at Joshi Kashi tours & travels can help make your stay wonderful, with our amazing travel packages, that will give you a nice ride of the city. Also, we are one of the best tour companies because of our amazing services and we offer a range of services that you can avail including the Varanasi vacation packages, Nepal family tour package et cetera. 

3.Kaiserbagh Palace: The Royal experience and the beautiful places and specifically the Nawabs are very well known in Lucknow. The tales of their extravagant life are not hidden from the world at all.  The Kaiserbagh Palace was built by Wajid Ali Shah and it is said that he asked his staff to spread Persian saffron on the walls of the buildings, so that they could have nice yellow color and scent of the saffron. Even today the walls are painted bright yellow, while you may not get the scent of saffron but you will feel magical for sure. We can take you on the perfect tour of Lucknow and show you around the city, including all the services. Joshi Kashi tours & travels provide various tour packages and travel packages, with custom made services that will surely make your stay at magical and unforgettable, as we are the best amongst the other travel agency in Varanasi

So, these are some of the places that you pay a visit to when you plan a tour to Lucknow, also if you have any inquiry regarding the travel packages that we offer you can directly contact us. 

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