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Posted by lisa anderson on 05/04/2020

Experience The Latest Technology Of G9 Light And 7w LED Bulb

The bulb is a light source which emits light when the current flows through it, it is one of the things which is helpful for the people to see in the dark. There are a number of led bulbs available in the current time and people are using it as per their need, you can use it indoors and outdoors.

Previously we used halogen lights for various purposes and they consume a large amount of energy and now there are gu10 led which is a good replacement of such halogen lamps which uses the latest light emitting diode technology. There are various bulbs available for various purposes, one of them is a G9 light bulb which has the two pins system and this type of bulb is used in the spotlight, these are commonly used as a light fixture. There are lots of people using the slight projector and for that, they need a different kind of led, mr16 led bulbs are the bulbs used in that which is having a 2 inches diameter. There are also different kinds of bulbs available which you can use at home, a 7w led bulb is commonly used at home.

There are various fashionable color bulbs are also available in the market one of the bulbs is a 4000k led bulb which has various colors as it will change according to daylight and warm light. There are various led bulbs available which we can use to decorate the house or in regular use, an E27 led bulb or Edison bulb is the common bulb which we use at home. If you are thinking about the led in the playground then a 50w led floodlight is a good choice as it will spread the light all over the ground in the beam form. You can also look for the mr16 gu10 led lighting option.

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