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Posted by on 08/25/2020

Elevatorpitch.surf: Business Development Answers for Startups

(August 25, 2020. Los Angeles, California) -The biggest challenges of a startup are understanding your priorities from sales, business development, marketing, and any temporary staff needed to execute to plan. CEOs also have to manage capital along with the previous list and many other aspects of running a successful business. One of the first priorities is building your brand around your business’s value and the services or products that are your bread and butter. Digging in further, building your brand includes an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a term traditionally involved with providing investors a reason to take notice of a startup company. The ability to tell your compelling engagement story in less than a minute is useful and priceless. Entrepreneurs are often so focused on larger details that developing a pitch is just the start of adding value. With Elevatorpitch.surfy our startup can succeed with the support and primary focus on sales and business development. 

Initially formed in 2001, Elevatorpitch.surf has been transformed with a pinpoint focus and purpose for 2020.Creating value and brand for startup CEOs includes a full spectrum, turnkey business development plan. Their primary focus on sales includes marketing (vertical, geographical, advertising, public relations, events) along with any temporary staff to professionally execute the plan.

Elevatorpitch.surf is prepared to provide cold-call sales (which they claim is the most fun), c-suite sales, marketing, promotions and ways to monetize new products or services. With immediate need assistance, short term, or long-term services with Elevatorpitch.surf, their experience and adaptable ideas get things done efficiently, effectively, at the best possible rate, and with the biggest bang for the buck.

Over twenty years ago the founder and principal consultant of Elevatorpitch.surf, Thomas W. Flavin, was asked by a startup CEO to help him monetize a new technology called webcasting.The company was a pioneer in crowd funding for early stage entrepreneurs and Flavin claimed victory and found his calling. 

Flavin’s strong background in broadcast, print, social media, advertising and public relations has led to many successful campaigns. To name a few custom projects, he has worked with Porsche Cars of North America, Swiss Air, United Airlines, Tabasco, Whole Foods, Gelson’s, Coors, Max Factor, Neutrogena, AviNation, and Upside Magazine.  

What is your biggest challenge? Visit the website at Elevatorpitch.surf, call them at 310-709-0844, or email Tom@elevatorpitch.surfto increase your sales and business development today.   

Thomas W. Flavin
Founder and Principal Consultant

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