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Dental Bridge Procedure - Top Rated Dentist in Brooklyn

Dental Bridge Procedure - Top Rated Dentist in Brooklyn

Often, your dental bridge cost is offset by the improvement in your overall dental health and long-lasting improved appearance. Your family dentists in Brooklyn, who also is one of 2017 America’s best dentists, provides extensive information on a dental bridge vs. implant when you face replacing missing teeth. If you have questions — how long does a dental bridge last, how does it feel or what’s the best alternatives for your specific needs — he’ll answer them.

Whether you have missing teeth due to injury, decay or disease, the gap between your teeth can affect your health and lifestyle in a number of ways.

Dental bridges provide a manufactured tooth to “bridge” the gap left by the loss of one or more natural teeth. The bridge is held in place by two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap.

Occasionally, instead of using crowns on the adjacent teeth, especially if the gap covers several teeth, implantsmay be placed as the supporting abutment teeth. Your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist only uses this technique if the gap covers the entire side of your mouth or your present natural teeth aren’t strong enough to provide adequate support.

More info: https://www.dentistinbrooklyn.com/dental-bridge/

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